Have Cake and Eat It Too

SHAH ALAM: Have cake and eat it too. Even as big ticket items procurement have floundered due to funding difficulties, it is at least gratifying to see that the Armed Forces continue to re-stock its armouries and other stuff as well.

The amount of items bought from mortar bombs, high explosive rounds, anti tank weapons and anti-aircraft missiles maybe small but if totaled up I believed the figure for the last three years may amounted to RM1 billion or even more. And this does not include the digital camo stuff (including ponchos).

A screen capture of the LGTR brochure for Hornet family

It is likely that the procurement of ordnance and other less glamorous but still important stuff, spares etc – completely new ones or restocking for legacy items – will continue even as recapitalisation of the Armed Forces remained at a stand still, as a matter of course, if not for any thing else.

The LGTR on a pylon ready for a training sortie

Anyhow the latest acquisition, involved simulated bombs for the RMAF, specifically 100 laser guided training round (LGTR) or BDU-59B/B. The LGTR according to this website is

an inert cylindrical bomb body of 10 cm (4 in) diameter with a Paveway II guidance kit, and emulates the GBU-10( )/B, GBU-12( )/B and GBU-16( )/B live munitions. It is used by the U.S. Navy for operational Paveway II training to preserve the stockpile of live bombs and their guidance kits. The LGTR comes in several versions, including the BDU-57/B, BDU-59/B, BDU-59A/B, BDU-59B/B, BDU-60/B and BDU-60A/B (the BDU-60( )/B series is usually referred to as LGTR II). Since 1992, Lockheed Martin has delivered more than 50000 LGTRs to the U.S. Navy, and production is continuing

Another LGTR being readied for a training sortie

Like the M72 LAW, the procurement is made public when the Defence Ministry issued a tender to select the multi-modal transport operator to ship it to Malaysia from the United States.

The LGTR on a tank after being released from a fighter jet.

From the tender website. The tender was published on Aug. 14.


Three LGTR could also be employed on an apppropriate pylon

With a number of new laser guided bombs delivered following the completion of the 25X Capability programme of the F/A-18Ds and their employment at Lahad Datu, the additional LGTR will be handy in qualifying new crews with the weapons.

— Malaysian Defence

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