Dry Launch for LCS

PCU Maharaja Lela on BNS dock back in 2017.

LUMUT: Dry launch for LCS. RMN’s first of class LCS 1 is all set for her launch and naming ceremony, tomorrow (Aug 24, 2017). The ship will be launched and named by Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim at the Boustead Naval Shipyard, here.

The ceremony is not expected to be like the US Navy Freedom class LCS which will be launched sideways into the waterways adjacent to the shipyard. The two RMN training ships, Gagah and Teguh Samudera were named and launched stern first in 2012 and 2013, respectively but both have yet to be commissioned into service.

PCU Maharaja Lela on BNS dock,

Maharaja Lela sitting on a platform, was lowered just shy off the waters of the dockyard. She got wet somewhat courtesy of some fire hoses.

The ship will now be moved back across the shipyard for more work on her to be completed. Her harbour trials are expected later this year.

Maharaja Lela got wet!

As noted by Api69, I did not see the propellers under the stern. However this does not mean she is being rushed for launching.

I believed the ceremony tomorrow is being held as the RMN cannot expect not to have pictures of the ship being widely circulated as the location of the shipyard straddled a regular and popular ferry transit point.

A picture of an incomplete LCS taken from the Lumut- Pangkor ferry.

Come to think of it, Naval Group – the new name for DCNS – never published pictures of the Egyptian Gowind being put into water or any other ships that the shipyard build.

This is an updated version of the original post.

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  1. I believe it is only a ceremonial launch. Actual shipbuilding launch (as per tradition and technical SOP) may be between 6 to 12 months away, depending whether the stern tube boring has been carried out or not at this stage.

  2. BTW, I believe she will be actually floated in the water and remain in the shiplift ot towed to a berth. She may be lifted out again onto land after the ceremony, possibly within the week or the following week. The stern tube and other hull penetrations would have been blanked off for this ceremony.

  3. Hopefully the batch 2 of NGPV GOWINDS would be:

    1 Hang Tuah
    2 Hang Jebat
    3 Hang Kasturi
    4 Hang Lekir
    5 Hang Lekiu
    6 Laksamana Hang Nadim

    Imo our no 1 ship should always be named Hang Tuah…

  4. Api69,

    Yes, which is why the props haven’t been fitted. It will only start moving by its own power when the yard conducts trials. For many launches the hull – minus many key components – is lowered into the water for the ceremony and later put back on the slipway. If I recall correctly for the launch of Mystari at Pasir Gudang the hull wasn’t even placed in the water.

  5. Azlan,

    Was Musytari built in the MSE (now MMHE) dock or at the shipbuilding slipway? I thought it was at the slipway. Thus, no chance to recover after launch except to dock the ship at the drydock.

    Wan Noor,

    I believe they are all MTU 20V 1163 but not sure whether M74, M84 or M94. KASTURI class and JEBAT class also uses the 20V 1163 but I think they were TB73 and TB93 variants.

  6. yeah, alot of hull penetration is yet to be done. the anchor hole is yet to be done too hopefully they will do the covered anchor hole. since it is not secretive anymore because of the location as tourist to Pangkor can just see thru it, then might as well soft launch it first right? BTW, in this month LCS 4, USS Coronado will pay a visit to Lumut Base and Dock there. 2 LCS side by side makes a good photo comparison maybe?

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