No Quarter

BNS workers posed for pictures with Maharaja Lela at her launch in August, 2017 The workers are under strict order not to share the pictures of the ship during the construction.

SHAH ALAM: No Quarter. RMN first of class LCS – Maharaja Lela – is expected to undergo harbour trials in late 2018 before moving on to sea trials ahead of her contractual deilvery date in mid-2019.

Maharaja Lela – was launched by Raja Permaisuri Perak Tuanku Zara Salim, witnessed by Sultan of Perak Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah at the Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS), on Aug 24. Maharaja Lela was not afforded a traditional launch as she stayed on her platform which were lowered half way below the dockyard.

Sea water was sprayed on Maharaja Lela and fireworks boomed as part of her launch gimmick.

She sat on the platform used by BNS to raise RMN’s ships undergoing repairs at the yard. The platform which travelled up to 12 meters down, negates the use of a dry dock.

Maharaja Lela. Her name could be seen on the stern.

BNS LCS program director Kept Azhar Jumaat says Maharaja Lela will undergo final fitting before her harbour and sea trials. On whether or not BNS will be able to meet the delivery deadline, Azhar says “Insya Allah, we will do our best, it is a contractual obligation so we have to do it”.

One of the mounting for the proppeler shaft of the LCS,

Under the contract, BNS will have to deliver the second LCS in 2020, the third one by 2021 and the rest by 2023. Other BNS officials met at the launch ceremony expressed quiet confidence that the project will proceed smoothly going forward after their experience with the first LCS.

The new hangars (far right) and gantry crane at BNS added specifically for the LCS program.

The ship building areas of the yard have been expanded greatly for the LCS project with four new hangars and gantry cranes added. There is also ample space to build the two LMS designed by CSIC which is expected to start in 2019.

Part of LCS 2 module seen in another hangar at BNS

Azhar says the second LCS was making progress and it was expected that it will be launched next year. The keel laying ceremony for the third LCS is scheduled this November.

Part of the LCS3 keel seen in a hangar at BNS.

Azhar, was the first RMN’s LCS program director took over the hot seat at BNS from Kept. Anuar Murad recently. He declined to comment on the technical aspect of the LCS saying that the matter should be taken up with the RMN.

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  1. Marhalim,
    Well, there will be 6 , and hopefully maybe plus another 4 units later.

    But what I have trouble figuring out is why the 57 and not a 76 in a stealth turret?

    Why not a 76 or an 100 as the main gun?

    Actually another 6 as that is the plan by RMN.
    As for the main gun being 57mm, simple as the navy had no preferences for either the 57 or 76mm gun, BNS which has another company which has the license to manufacture and service the 57mm Bofors chose its own. Why should they let another manufacturer/service provider get the job? It helps also the 57mm gun is cheaper by around RM3 or RM4 million, I am told.

  2. Alhamdulillah and tahniah to the guys at BNS for the launch of Maharaja Lela. Let’s pray for the safety of the ship and those who will manned her.

  3. Zainal,

    Perhaps the question we should ask is why was the Super Rapid selected for the Kedahs? Prior to that the RMN was mainly a 57mm operator – we had no say as to what was fitted on the Laksamanas

    From a technical viewpoint the advantages of 57mm over 76mm is academic; both can do the job. In the RMN the main purpose of the gun is AA; both the Super Rapid and Bofors have a high rate of fire and can fire “smart” ammo. In the unlikely event that the 57mm is used on a naval target; it’ll still can damage: given that almost no naval ships today are armoured. As such, the fact that we selected 57mm over 76mm isn’t an issue.

    For NGFS both the 57mm and a 76mm lack range and a big enough bang but NGFS isn’t a priority for the RMN. The Israelis have used Super Rapids on land targets in Gaza and Lebanon though.

  4. The presence of gowind frigate in the RMN fleet will give a great impact.So proud and hope that the 15 to 5 development plan goes smoothly.

  5. Any news on the torps , helicopter and also the hull mounted sonar?

    None of the above but I think the hull mounted sonar will be the Kingclip from Thales.

  6. Love to see the positioning of the pennant number.

    Not like the previous tradition which is at the front end of the vessels.

  7. Usually after contract signing, can we made some adjustment?
    Recently Kingklip just announced latest Mk2 model, is our gowind to be equiped with that?

    It can be done if RMN ask for it

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