Born Under A Bad Sign

Teguh Samudera laid up at Grade One Marine shipyard in Lumut in August, 2017. Note the covered 30mm guns, navigation radars and other fittings on her superstructure.

SHAH ALAM: Born Under A Bad Sign. When I planned to go to Lumut for the launch of the Maharaja Lela last week, I thought it was a good time to check out the Teguh Samudera, the second of two RMN training ships. The ship was laid up at the Grade One Marine shipyard near Lumut. If you may recall, RMN took delivery of Teguh’s sister ship, Gagah Samudera in late 2016.

Teguh in the meantime remained laid up at the shipyard where both ships were sent there in late 2015 for completion. And even though Gagah is already being used by RMN after completion and delivery, she has yet to be commission into service.

Teguh Samudera laid up at Grade One Marine shipyard in Lumut. Note the covered 30mm gun, navigation radars and other fittings on her superstructure.

I had wanted to check out Teguh for myself as there was no official word on her fate apart from talk that Gagah commissioning will not be held until her sister ship was completed.

Another shot of Teguh. Note the four workers around the bridge as well as the gun shield just behind the mast.

After taking pictures of Teguh, from outside the perimeter fencing of the shipyard, I assumed that she could delivered to the RMN anytime soon as most of the equipment on the deck – the 30mm gun, navigation radars, lights and other equipment – have been fitted. That said I must admit I have no idea whether the other equipment inside the hull have been fitted and ready or not though as she was berthed in the water I assumed that her propellers have been installed.

Teguh Samudera seen from a distance outside the yard at Sijangkang, Banting. Picture taken April, 2014.

For the record, Grade One Marine Sdn Bhd was awarded the deal in late 2015/2016 to complete the two ships which was originally contracted to NGV Tech Sdn Bhd, a shipyard based in Sijankang, Selangor.

Gagah Samudera, the first of two training ship at LIMA 2017.

NGV Tech signed the RM294 million contract with RMN for the construction of the training vessels at LIMA 2011. Gagah was launched on Dec 14, 2012 while Teguh’s ceremony was on Feb 27, 2013. Both were supposed to be commissioned within six months after their launch at the NGV Tech but the whole project turned into a fiasco when the shipyard was foreclosed by its creditors in mid-2013

Malaysian Defence has written extensively on the issue so for context go here, here and here

Teguh Samudera seen prior to the launching ceremony in early 2013.

Despite its looks, I was told that it was unlikely that Teguh will be delivered to the RMN soon. Gagah commissioning also remain uncertain as it appears both are caught in a legal imbroglio. I am told that the court had ruled that the ships belong to NGV Tech creditor.

A rather arty shot of Gagah Samudera taken at night. Via Nazir Darus, Twitter

As I have no further details of the case I am leaving it at that. As it is Teguh will remained laid up at the shipyard for the moment while Gagah goes on her daily business without her KD prefix. It must be noted though, Teguh was slightly damaged when a fire broke out on the ship while she was undergoing completion at the shipyard in Lumut.

Thick black smoke coming out from the rear end of Teguh Samudera after a fire broke out in the engine room in early 2016. Bomba picture

And before anyone ask yet again, the training ships are not part of the 15-to 5 plan. They are not part of the RMN fleet, proper, they are simply training ships like KLD Tunas Samudera.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Slightly off topic Marhalim, I saw a photo of RMN sailors next to a RAM launcher on the internet.

    Have a few been acquired for the Kedahs??

    Link the picture please

  2. Sorry to take so long….

    Its You Tube:

    There is a scene with Navy personnel next to a Sea Ram

    That’s a very badly done Photoshop in an awful video. No, there is no funding yet for the RAM

  3. that design is nice to use on lms project rather than Chinese one

    Yes but thats water under the bridge now

  4. These ships look like a replacement for KD Hang Tuah in the training role. Since KD Hang Tuah is included as one of the 15, was it\’s inclusion in the 15 to 5 plan because it was a frigate? It was part of the 21st Frigate Squadron right?

    I think KD Hang Tuah was included in the 15 to 5 plan simply because it was already part of the fleet not because of its classification

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