Deftech Debuts Logistics Condor Vehicle

SHAH ALAM: Deftech debuts logistics Condor vehicle. Due to the flu, I was unable to go to the Merdeka 2017 final dress rehersal today (Aug 29, 2017) though I had planned to do so since last week. However, a friend managed to get to Dataran Merdeka and send pictures of this Condor (and others seen here) which had been converted into a logistics or cargo hauler.

For 2017 Merdeka parade, the Condor MPV carried what appeared to be ammo boxes on its rear flat bed and towed a trailer with a UAV, mostly likely a Deftech Aludra (HT to …)

Condor logistics vehicle with trailer for 2017 Merdeka Day parade.

The Deftech personnel with the vehicle says it was a protoype logistics/cargo hauler. During DSA 2016, Malaysian Defence quoted Armed Forces chief Jen Raja Affandi Raja Mohammed (who was then the Army chief) as saying

that the service was looking into converting some of its Condors as logistic vehicles to carry supplies or ammunition for the mechanised or armoured regiments as part of its overall upgrading program for the German made APCs.

“The Pendekar, Gempita and Condor units need re-supply vehicles that can keep up with their formations so some of the upgraded Condors will have a flat bed so they can be used to carry equipment and other items.

Condor logistics vehicle with trailer and UAV,

Frrom the pictures here one can surmised that Deftech only cut only the top portion of the rear cabin of the Condor, just behind the engine compartment. This may well kept the rigidity of the monocoque chassis of the Condor which itself was modified from the Mercedes Unimog. The flat bed conversion left the vehicle with space for two crew members only, the driver and a commander/observer.

The logistics Condor seats two.

As for the trailer, it is likely meant for the Merdeka Day parade only. It does not look as if it will survive a trip into unpaved roads.

The trailer hitched to the logistics Condor.

It also appears that the Condor which was modified for the proof concept upgrade program had been returned to the user as it is also taking part in the Merdeka Day parade.

Condor ZA 9474 features new air intakes, beefier suspension and new larger, weapon shield for its 7.62mm GPMG.

I am not sure whether the Condor has been returned for an extensive user trials or it meant that the upgrade program has been greenlighted.

A standard Condor ZA 9487 which also took part in the Merdeka Day parade rehersal.

As Deftech has an on-going contract to maintain and refit the Condors, any further modifications could easily be done with a variation order to the original one. It must be noted that the air intake modifications on ZA 9474 is completely different from the vehicle shown at DSA 2016. 9474 also sports a GPMG, with a large weapon shield and big ammo box compared to the mini gun that was displayed with the Condor at DSA.

The prototype proof of concept Condor.

Perhaps the new modification and others were made following the trials conducted after DSA 2016. Huge thanks for DM for the pictures. Check out the other pictures, below

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— Malaysian Defence

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