Ships Updates, LMS and LCS

LANGKAWI: Ships Update, LMS and LCS Work on the first LMS is expected to start in May. The work is to be undertaken by Boustead partner, China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Ltd, in one of it shipyards in China.

Under the RM1.17 billion contract, two of the LMS will be built in China while the other two in Malaysia, most likely in Lumut. The first two are expected to be ready by 2020 followed by the other locally built ones in 2021.

A model of the LMS view

And yes while the LMS model looked very empty for a four-ship RM.1.17 billion contract, the navy has an explaination for it.

The LMS is the fourth class of the RMN #15to5 Fleet Transformation Programme which will also provide opportunities for local defence industries as the project progresses. Adopting the ‘Fit for Purpose’ and ‘Mission Module Capable’, LMS capabilities are elevated to the next level and will be able to fulfill RMN benign missions

LMS capabilities. RMN.

Meanwhile, work on the first LCS is progressing well and both RMN and Boustead officials said that they were hopeful that it could be launched in August. Production difficulties which was encountered are being overcome and the shipyard was making progress.

Egyptian Gowind 2500 undergoing sea trials.

The progress comes as DCNS is reporting that the first Gowind 2500 corvette build for Egypt has successfully undergone its maiden sea trials. With the completion of the sea trials, the ship is well on its way to be delivered to the Egyptian Navy.

— Malaysian Defence

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