Coming Soon Or Next Change?

SHAH ALAM: Coming soon or next change? It appears that the local defence industry and wannabes are gearing up for an Army tender for the 155mm SPH. The tender was supposed to be open for bidding last June and earlier this month but were never published.

I was told that the RFB will be published soon though no one could be certain of the exact date. Coming soon or next change…as they say. Anyhow even though there is no general specifications being bandied about, it is likely involved up to 36 truck-mounted 155mm SPH, which have been the numbers talked about for the last 10 years or so. We would have gotten 29 M109 tracked SPH already but it was cancelled by the government in 2019.

Nexter Systems Caesar 155mm SPH

The Nexter Caesar 155mm SPH will likely start as the favourite as its been the most tested in country compared to the other contenders – like the Bae Systems Archer SPH and YugoImport Nora B-52 M-21 SPH. Of course they are other truck-mounted SPH like the Turkish MKE Yavuz 155mm SPH.

Nexter Caesar during its demonstration in Malaysia back in 1995.

One local company even signed an MOU in Turkey last week likely as precursor to act as the local agent for the 155mm SPH tender. It even managed to get call “local defence company” by sending a press release to the MSM which lapped it all up. A quick Google search showed that it has no track record of being a defence company apart from aspiration of course. It must be noted here that the Turkish Army has yet to induct into service a truck mounted SPH.

Bae Systems Archer SPH.

The tender for the 155mm SPH came at an opportune time for the Army as the US Army is conducting a shoot-out of the same truck mounted systems, mentioned above apart from the Turkish one – plus the American-made AM General Brutus SPH and the Israeli-made Elbit AMOS SPH. Perhaps we can get some information on the shoot-out to help the Army in making the decision for the 155mm SPH tender – despite the differing specifications and other issues.

The business end of the Nexter Systems Caesar 155mm/52 SPH.

Otherwise, simply order the Caesar 155m SPH already.

Nexter 105mm LG1 howitzer of the 10th Para Brigade at the Eksesais Para Predator 1/2021. BTDM

— Malaysian Defence

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