VIP Nuris Being Sold

White Nuri and its documents up for inspection. RMAF

SHAH ALAM: RMAF two VIP Nuri helicopters – Agusta AS-61N1 – tail number M39-01 and M39-2 – are being disposed. However, it is unclear whether they had been offered for sale or the tender for them will be published soon.

RMAF in a social media post on January 27 on the visit of the disposal inspection committee to the No 2 Skuadron at the Subang airbase was ambiguous about the status of the helicopters.

The two White Nuri were ordered in early 1992 and the first was received in the same year. They supplemented the two VVIP/VIP Black Hawk helicopters ordered several years later. The White Nuri were favoured by some VVIP/VIP due to their taller cabin allowing them to walk upright on board unlike the Black Hawks.

White Nuri and its documents up for inspection. RMAF

Perhaps, the committee was ensuring the helicopters documents were in order before proceeding with the tender exercise for their disposal. They could be doing the same thing to ensure that the sale could go ahead.
The disposal committee and RMAF personnel posed for a picture infront of Bombardies Global Express M48-02. RMAF

From RMAF:

PANGKALAN UDARA SUBANG, 24 Jan 2024 – Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Pengurusan) Kementerian Pertahanan, YBhg. Datin Roszanina binti Wahab telah mengetuai delegasi Kementerian Pertahanan bagi pelaksanaan Lembaga Pemeriksa Pelupusan 2 (LPP 2) melibatkan 2 Unit Pesawat VVIP/VIP Agusta AS61N1 di No 2 Skn, Pangkalan Udara Subang.
Ketibaan Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha (Pengurusan) telah disambut oleh AKS Materiel, Brig Jen Nor Azmi bin Abdul Rahman TUDM, Komander Pangkalan Udara Subang, Kol Yusri bin Jamari TUDM serta Pengarah Belanjawan, Kol Omar Zai bin Abas TUDM.
Acara telah dimulakan dengan menandatangani buku lawatan. Kemudiannya, diteruskan dengan sesi taklimat serta pemeriksaan pesawat dan dokumentasi di No 2 Skn.

The last time I saw one of the helicopters flying a VIP was back in 2018, if I remember correctly. I had not seen them flying after that unlike the Black Hawk VIPs which had also been relegated to support duties in recent times.

It must be noted that the disposal of the former Boeing Business Jet VVIP/VIP – M53-01 – was conducted via a restricted tender in 2017. Only local companies took part in the tender and the deal for the aircraft was concluded in mid-2018. The aircraft was later sold to an overseas buyer in 2018.

One could just make out the Fokker F28 M28-01 behind the White Nuri.

The Fokker F28 VVIP/VIP business jet – M28-01 which was used to fly the King in the past and retired around 10 years ago was also pictured in the same hangar as a single White Nuri and the other aircraft of No 2 Skuadron. There has been talk of the Fokker being disposed off a few years back but it never went ahead for unknown reasons.
Another VIP helicopter, an Aerospatiale Super Puma – M36-01 – crashed in December 1993 killing all the crew on board.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Those Agusta AS-61N-1 Silver helicopter is probably the lowest houred S-61 helicopter available anywhere in the world.

    Already “short bodied”, this would be quickly snapped up by helicopter operators such as Carson Helicopters to do heavilift operations such as helilogging.

    The Fokker F28, is no longer used by anyone, so there is no market for that except for scrap value. Better put it in museum.

    The M36-01, was gifted to Malaysia by Indonesia. Was a PTDI assembled NAS332 Super Puma. Crashed while on the way to Perlis to pick up Anwar Ibrahim when he was the DPM.–I50Jmx39rc/UBt-Rg75gsI/AAAAAAAAACk/wr8agrwU4h4/s3600/Super+Puma+TUDM+2.jpg

  2. “M36-01 – crashed in December 1993 killing all the crew on board.” Anwar was the TPM and he was supposed to be on board …

  3. The Sea King platform being so dated (first unit flew in 1959) is there still a market for it vs newer & better supported choppers? If so, why not sell the TUDM/RMAF ones along as well, keeping a few in museums?

  4. Agusta AS-61N-1 Silver was promoted as a cheaper alternative to super puma. But nobody took it seriously.

    2x build and was eventually sold to TUDM together with 2x VIP Agusta A109C (M38-01, M38-02). Ironically M38-02 crashed near Subang on its maiden ferry flight from Port Klang to Sungai Besi AB 19/09/1990. M38-01 never used much, and finally sold as spare parts.

    The AS-61N-1 are build in around 1982/83, so it was after a decade idle it was sold to TUDM.

    Agusta-Sikorsky AS-61N-1 Silver
    serial number : 6401
    Reg number : I-RAIE, I-VCMD, I-AGSI, M39-01

    Agusta-Sikorsky AS-61N-1 Silver
    serial number : 6402
    Reg number : M39-02

  5. Sell them to somebody who will give them to Ukraine. US or Germany. Germany just few days ago announced it would give its entire Sea King fleet to Ukraine. Maybe they’ll buy 2 more to put on top. If only for spare parts. Best money for retired military surplus right now. Offer them all Condor and Sibmas while at it. Mabe they buy them back.

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