Like an Ostrich

Malaysia seems to host a lot of foreign forces lately. Currently, UK and Aussie air forces are in country for the Starfish exercise under the Five Power Defence Arrangement as I mentioned in my earlier posts (Sentru in Subang)
Unfortunately, as other joint training exercise like with the US (Carat), we seemed to be placing our head in the sand. Port visits seemed to be a different animal altogether. A Los Angeles class attack submarine is currently berthed at Westport.
But it seems that the powers that be do not want any advance or current publicity of joint military exercises.
Are we not supposed to know these exercise are being carried out?
Do we not trust our own citizens on what our armed forces are doing? Or simply, it is the old philosophy “See no evil, do no evil, hear no evil”
Somebody is giving the wrong advice, to the higher-ups I believe
Don’t get me wrong; I am not against these exercises.
As long it is done correctly and in a proper manner, military exercises are necessary, even with countries, many people are unhappy with.
If they think our people cannot come to terms with foreigners deploying here, how do you think our soldier, sailors and pilots feels about it?

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