No. 2 Squadron Flying New Helicopter

The King and Queen arriving at the Batu Berendam Airport on April 5. Note the pilot in RMAF uniform next to the H175 helicopter. 19 RAMD

SHAH ALAM: IT appears that the RMAF VIP flying unit – No. 2 Skuadron – is flying a new aircraft, the Airbus H175 super medium helicopter. The helicopter – which carries Pahang royal household crest – flew the King and Queen to the Batu Berendam airport for their one-day working visit to Malacca.

As you are aware, No. 2 Skdn operates the two S70 Black Hawk helicopter for the VIP roles – colloquially known as the White Hawk – since the late 90s together with an Agusta Sea King helicopter which has since been retired.

No 2 Skuadron posed with their aircraft in a Facebook post dated in December 2022. Note the aircraft behind them.

The H175 helicopter used by the King and Queen carried the 9M-SAS registration which has been used by the Pahang royal household including a Boeing 727 airliner and an Airbus EC155B1 helicopter in the past.
The King and Queen being greeted upon arrival at the airport with the H175 helicopter. Istana Negara.

Checks showed that H175 is owned by Sarawak-state owned Hornbill Skyways, so it could be leased to the Pahang royal household. This is the same arrangement with the Airbus A319 Corporate Jet which flies the King and Queen as well as the Prime Minister.
No 2 Skuadron personnel posed with one of the two VIP Blackhawk helicopters. No. 2 Skuadron

The A319CJ is also flown by flight crews from No. 2 Squadron as well so it is not surprising if the H175 is manned by pilots from the squadron. It is interesting to note that White Hawk is still active, flying royalties and other VIPs including the two DPMs.

PMX has not been seen flying the White Hawk though. He was recently flown to Port Dickson on a Leonardo AW139 helicopter registration number – 9M-JPM. The helicopter was delivered last year and was presumedly ordered around 2019/2020 by the Prime Minister’s Department. The helicopter was not flown by a RMAF crew though.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim,

    The pilots, although wearing uniforms akin to TUDM, AFAIK are working with Royal Pahang Executive/Gading Air, not with TUDM.

    The Gading group is owned by the Pahang Royal Family.

    There are 2 helicopters with Royal Pahang Executive, the new H175 and an AW139 9M-SAAS.

    9M-SAS was previously on a Boeing 727 VIP in the 70s, probably the 1st royal household with its own VIP jet. After that it was on a Dauphin.

  2. If they are civilian pilots they will be wearing white uniform. Of course I could be wrong, and I stand to be corrected

  3. The previous Sultan’s pilot altho he flew the Dauphin he was an Air Force major. Met him at the palace in Pekan.

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