Colt M4 chosen

SHAH ALAM: Latest news! As alluded in our earlier posting “Assault Rifle Musical Chair” the the Colt M4 has been announced as the preferred candidate to become the Malaysian Army standard assault rifle.

And its the M4 that is to be the main AR for the Malaysian Army combat units. The M4 will also be the standard rifle for the other services. It will also be used for ceremonial (marches) purpose.

Colt M4A1
Colt M4A1

Both rifles are excellent weapons. Easy to use in jungle and urban conditions. It is equipped with a removable carrying handle which meant that the Malaysian Army which have been using the Steyr AUG1 with its fixed optic for the last 15 years or so wants that capability to be retained.

Now can someone tell me if the training called for aimed fire or not?

— Malaysian Defence

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