M4, Nine Lives?

PETALING JAYA: It appears that the M4 is leading a charmed life. Despite reports of imminent demise, it seemed that the US Army had given its a new lease of life.

From Defense Industry Daily
On June 14/11, the US Army released a pre-solicitation notice for the procurement of approximately 70,000 to 100,000 M4 and M4A1 carbines in a best value competition (W56HZV-10-R-0593). This represents the first time that the procurement of the M4/M4A1 has not been limited to Colt Defense. How was this point reached, exactly what are the Army’s options, and how that may affect the Individual Carbine competition?

The article goes on about whether or not the competition may or may not make it in the end in the days of budget cuts.

Most of the write up is interesting but the thing that got me hooked was this:

At the same time, Colt’s prices for the M4 began to steadily increase. In December 1999, Colt was charging $521 per M4 carbine (DAAE20-98-C-0082-P00011). By December 2002, Colt’s price for an US Army-configuration M4 carbine was $912 (DAAE20-02-C-0115-P00004). However, the Army was able to gain certain concessions over the years. In July 2006, Colt agreed to lower its prices, and begin to provide basic issue items like the Back Up Iron Sight (BUIS) and M4 Adaptor Rail System (ARS), which had formerly been provided to Colt as Government Furnished Material (GFM) (W52H09-04-D-0086-P00025). Before this concession, the price of the M4 and M4A1 had grown to $1,012 and $1,029, respectively (W52H09-04-D-0086-0040). Afterwards, the price of a basic M4 dropped to $815, and with Colt-provided BUIS and ARS only $1,142 (W52H09-04-D-0086-0040). At the time of the final sole-source delivery order in December 2010, Colt’s price was just over $1,221 per fully-equipped carbine (W52H09-07-D-0425-BR02).

So if we go on the latest US Army M4 contract,a single M4 cost only around RM3,702.68! But one must account that the US Army contract runs into thousands of guns while ours in small batches. We also did not get any savings by ordering the guns on a commercial basis.

Yes, we got to pimp our crest on it but… oh well….

–Malaysian Defence

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