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KUALA LUMPUR: The story from Bernama below is self-explainatory. But one must look at the proposal very carefully lest the same thing that had occurred before wont be repeated. Do I need to recite the development of the Jalan Ampang TA camp before we rush into similar schemes in the near future?

I doubt the Armed Forces are ready for another round of re-development of its precious real estates under the built and transfer scheme. Most of the past projects turned out to be nothing more than Quick Rich Schemes for those with the right connections. And it is the Armed Forces and its personnel had to bear the consequences….

Malaysian Defence understands that some of the camps in urban areas in the country are no longer strategically located but with the depressing real estate prices during this hard times, one wonder whether its wise to start redevelopment programmes.

Army Camps In City May Be Relocated

IPOH, July 24 (Bernama) –– The defence ministry is planning to relocate a number of city-based army camps to more strategic locations, said Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said the relocation of the camps was now being studied and would be implemented in the nearest possible time.

“The move is a military strategy and not a political one. It is something we have to think about,” he told reporters after visiting the 2nd Brigade Headquarters here Friday.

He said placing several camps in the city was more suitable during the Emergency era but the location was no longer suitable due to the rapid pace of development and other factors.

He said a new location which provided a more systematic settlement that adhered to the needs of the Armed Forces corps needed to be identified, adding however, that the programme need not incur too much cost on the government.

Ahmad Zahid said mechanisms to reduce the cost incurred by the resettlement had been established, including using existing assets.

He said, an example of such settlements was in Perak where there were camps in Taiping and Lembah Kinta, but none elsewhere.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Si Padang Tembak sez that there is a need to relocate some of the camps out of the KL area given the age and condition of some of the facilities but is pretty darned sure that the human sock puppets intend to hide behind the veil of official secrecy in their dealings.

    YB SPT of course feels that the only way to proceed with any redevelopment is of course through a open public tender but is sceptical given the track record of Kementah with the botched Nuri Replacement.

    Given that much of the administrative apparatus is in Putrajaya, SPT is of the opinion that MINDEF should relocate there. Or to Cyberjaya to make use of the existing infrastructure from that flop of a real estate scheme. Waste Not….

    SPT isn’t very impressed with the senior human sock puppet assigned.

  2. Hello Meester T,

    Siapa itu Human socks puppets. Boleh kasi saya sikit kluke….

  3. Just leave the old camps there, at least as sentimental value/nostalgic as these old camp are more than 50 years old. It can double up as landing pads when we do our MOUT/FIBUA trainings.

    I hate when they bulldozed old Kinrara Military Hospital buildings when annualy there’re vintage/classics cars gatherings held there to capture old charms. There’re even many participants from Singapore.

    Marhalim: Some of the old camps are no longer strategically located due to the urban sprawl. The entry and exit points are always congested especially like the camps in Seremban and Sg Besi, However, relocating them is a problem, there are no suitable sites for them and the congestion would be solved by relocating them, developers will rush to build the site with more houses than the road system can handle. However redeveloping them without due process and open tenders are even worse….

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