RMN Air Defence Unit

SHAH ALAM: RMN air defence unit. In a recent post, someone asked about the air defence units of the RMAF and RMN. Although some information of the RMAF unit has been posted earlier, not much is known about the RMN one.

RMN used to have an air defence unit at the Lumut naval base, which were armed with the Starburst MANPADS in the past but it appears that it was deactivated following the retirement of the system.

RMN GBAD unit crest

Another AD unit armed with the Thales Starstreak HVM missile has now been activated at the Kota Kinabalu naval base. The unit is equipped with both the ground and RapidRover launchers. The RapidRover is used to describe the launcher fitted on the rear of the Weststar GK-M1 Weapon Platform.

The Starstreak missile at the Kota Kinabalu air base being displayed to visiting cadets.

The unit according to its Twitter account was activated in February last year likely just ahead to the firing trials.
The Starstreak launcher on the RapidRover platform.

It is likely that another AD unit will be activated at the Lumut naval base once more Starstreak HVM are delivered. The next batch of the latest Starstreak NG is expected to be delivered to Malaysia, next year.
On The Way…the Starsreak seconds after it was fired at the firing trials at Tanjung Logok, Johor, in March last year. According to Thales, the missile will fired 7-8 milliseconds after the trigger is depressed.

As posted previously, the Starstreak HVM will also be operated by the RMAF and the Army air defence unit, GAPU. RMAF AD unit are with the 400-series squadrons, with the Skdn 401 based at the Kuantan airbase as the designated Starstreak training unit.
The Starstreak LML NG. Thales

The deal for the Starstreak HVM was signed on July 29, 2015 as first reported in Malaysian Defence.
The ForceShield Integrated AD system. Thales

In addition to the Starstreak missiles, the system comprises CONTROLMaster 200 radar and weapon coordination systems, RAPIDRanger and RAPIDRover mobile weapon systems and the Next Generation Lightweight Multiple Launcher, as well as associated communications.

Thales Starstreak VSHORAD

Malaysia is the third user of the Starstreak HVM, apart from Thailand and Indonesia.

— Malaysian Defence

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