First KD Jebat XO is Now the RMN Chief

RMN chief Admiral Kamarulzaman. Mindef picture.

SHAH ALAM: Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman Badaruddin has succeeded Admiral Aziz Jaafar as the new chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy today. Kamarulzaman was the XO of KD Jebat after the ship was launched in Scotland in 1995 until its commissioning in 1999. Jebat was also Kamarulzaman’s last sea command before he moved up the RMN chain of command.

Kamarulzaman, 56, replaced Abdul Aziz who had served as RMN chief since 2008. Abdul Aziz is on leave pending mandatory retirement.

RMN Chief Admiral Kamarulzaman Badaruddin. TLDM picture.
RMN Chief Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman Badaruddin. TLDM picture.

Kamarulzaman a former Putra RMC joined the RMN in 1977. He is a graduate of the US Naval War College.
A former RMN captain described him as an “exceptional officer who seem to excel in what ever job or circumstances you put him through”.

RMN chief Admiral Kamarulzaman. Mindef picture.
RMN chief Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman. Mindef picture.

Indeed, Kamarulzaman won the Best student award when he attended the Armed Forces Defence College (MPAT). All of the current service chiefs had also attended the college.

Meanwhile, Vice-Admiral Anuwi Hassan has been appointed as the Deputy Chief of the RMN.

— Malaysian Defence.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Anyone has more details on this?

    I understand that the Scorpenes are relatively new. Why is there a need for a refit?

    The Boustead/DCNS JV was given the ISS contract since the Scorpenes were put into service. What is so puzzling about this?
    Refit is simply the big word they used for servicing the submarines which is the term we used for cars or buses. Since its new it don’t need a refit? Bollocks!Because warships and more importantly submarines need to be in the tip-top shape all the time. Even cruise ships goes for refits according to schedule.

  2. Congratulations Admiral Ahmad Kamarulzaman,your are the person.may Allah bless you..ameen

  3. New that the Scorpenes would undergo a refit was announced way back in January; when the Defence Minister visited Teluk Sepanggar.

  4. Yes, I agree. Acquiring a car or submarine is usually the easiest part. Maintenance and training is the crucial component.

    That said, the cost is reportedly 432 million ringgit. It must be a hugely major refit or perhaps are they replacing the batteries with lithium ion batteries or second generation fuel cells?

    Lithium batteries are the in thing at the moment and Japan has offered the Australian Navy lithium powered Soryus.

    Submarines are always maintenance extensive. To say it’s costly is wrong however. You compare it with what?

  5. Is the refit just a planned maintenance and repair or include upgrades such as AIP modules? Would like to know more about that. Also any info on the costs of the first win mrap buy?

    It’s a planned maintenance. AIP modules will probably cost more than RM3 billion. No idea on the cost of the AV4.

  6. The total cost of the refit is 279 million us dollars, broken down to 181mil usd (this is probably the European equipment cost) and 98mil usd (this is probably costs related to the bhic part of the refit in malaysia), which is for a simple refit, does not make sense (98mil for a simple refit for 2 subs should be more than enough, so what else does the 181mil usd covers? Indonesia is going to spend 40mil usd to refit 1 of its sub, and this will include a lot of new equipment like new periscopes, combat systems etc.)

    This will not be a simple refit, in fact it will be the first major refit of both submarines. But it will not include any AIP modules.

  7. On another note,

    Brazil has just bought a used foudre class LPDamphibious landing ship from France for just 85million usd.

    France still have a few of the smaller BATRAL LST that could be bought by tldm as a stopgap amphibious capability. 2 could be bought and named after shoals in sarawak (kd raja jarom, which is a previous name of tldm’s lpd after beting raja jarom; and kd petinggi Ali, to be named after beting petinggi Ali, the luconia shoals)

  8. Actually an AIP module does not cost billions. Each module cost only us100 million excluding workmanship to cut the hull n join the module. Thats the cost of AIP at time of our sub purchase

  9. A “refit’ amongst other things, includes the replacing of time expired stuff (including the wiring/cabling); work on the hull, servicing the A/C and ventilation system; servicing the weapons systems; as well as numerous other stuff.

    The Chakra and Nanggala have keen through several refits since entering service. Given that the 209s are older boats and have less automation and other “newer” systems; it should be cheaper conducting a refit on them. The price of the refit is also determined by how “thorough” the refit is and how often the boat in question undergoes refits.

    In short there is no yardstick to compare a refit as it depends on variables….

  10. Joined RMN in 1997??? And he had never attended the US Naval Academy in Annapolis MD. Some mistakes somewhere…

    Thanks for spotting the typos…

  11. Marhalim any update on the MD503G Light Attack Helicopter now that Obama had come and gone!

    Definitely they will buy it but Obama’s schedule was too tight for them to get it done during his visit. It will be next year at DSA14.

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