Assault Rilfle, Again



I was reading the Small Arms Review magazine earlier in the day. One of the articles in the issue was about the Colt SCAR rifle. It was Colt losing candidate for the US Special Operations Command new rifle, the Spec Ops Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR).

So there was an option for the Malaysian side when it decided to look around for the replacement of the Steyr apart from the other candidates HK and FN new rifles.

Instead we purchased the M16A2 and M4A1. Do not be confused about the announcements that the Army was purchasing M16A4s, its only on the packaging, its really the old A2s.

Colt SCAR would have been better option for us, we could have purchased its and lo and behold we are on the way of local manufacture of our very assault rifle.

I would have chosen the piston version or type C of the Colt SCAR instead of the direct-gas version. (Sorry I cannot find any pics of Colt SCAR on the web, so enjoy the pics of the HK416 and the G36C)

A new rifle to built locally? That would have not been too hard wouldn’t it?

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  1. ….mindef..they cannot even think on how to built own rifle…keep on buying from other countries..all the blind officer shall take a look on the Indonesia and Singapore where they dare to built their own rifle 20 years ago,,,

  2. I agree. Building our weaponary will really ease our burden on having to buy from the United States or Russia. This is expensive and theres so much hype and restrictions nowadays over international weapons sales. This would be very beneficial especially considering our economic slowdown currently.

    Marhalim: Indigenous programmes sounds nice on paper. But its really expensive and prone to even more wastage. Look what happened to our previous attempts of local arms manufacturing, most are actually money sucking projects that really benefited a small number of people without actually enhancing our armed forces capabilities.

    If it must be done, it must be done with tight controls and fixed budgets and of course, a fair dose of reality check..

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