Pak Lah and the Old Man

The current stand-off between Pak Lah and Old Man is not doing any good to the country.

I have been trying to distance myself from commenting on politics but as defence is part of politics, one cannot forever remain aloof of what is going on in the society.

A country in political turmoil is not strong defensively. The enemy within or outside is always looking for an advantage.

It has not reached that stage yet in Malaysia but I fear it will lead to a bigger crisis if its not nipped in the bud quickly.

One wonders whether the Old Man is harking to return to his old job as it seemed he is saying no one else could do a better job.

I wonder what will Pak Lah will do next…

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  1. True. A politically weak country can be easy prey for enemies within (e.g Anwar Ibrahim) as well as enemies outside the country. Hope that BN can sort themselves out quickly coz as long as the PKR are out there i don’t know whats going to happen next. Lets just hope Badawi steps down fast.

    PS. i think Mahathir should return. He really led this country forward. I seriously think there is no one like him, which is kind of shame.

    Marhalim: I believe it was the hubris policy of Mahathirsm that led to the current mess.. oh well…

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