New Date For RMAF Kuching Open Day, Oct. 27

SHAH ALAM: New Date for RMAF Kuching Open Day, Oct. 27. The RMAF Kuching Open Day has a new date, which is Oct. 27. RMAF Air Operations Commander Lt. Gen. Mutalib Wahab said yesterday that the Open Day has been fixed on Oct. 27.

Previously, Malaysian Defence reported that the Open Day was slated for Oct. 20 but it appears that they had moved the event one week ahead. Mutalib did not revealed the line-up of events scheduled for the Kuching Open Day but it is likely it will be the same as with the one held in Butterworth.

A Nuri on static display seemed swamped by the crowd at the Butterworth airbase open day.

To recap, at the Butterworth event, both the F/A-18D and Su-30MKM conducted three aerial displays each while the Hawks conducted two with the PC-7 MK II took the skies once for the opening ceremony. RMAF special operators, the Paskau also conducted a demonstration of their capabilities fast roping and extration from a Nuri helicopter.
PC-7 MK II display at the Butterworth Open Day on Sept. 8, 2018.

For the static display, RMAF is also likely to show its fleet similar to the line up at Butterworth. Hopefully, RMAF had learned from the Butterworth event and not allow anyone to carry anything to the static display to prevent another round of littering there.
RMAF F/A-18D during its routine at the Butterworth Open Day

For the record, RMAF displayed all of its aircraft at the static display at Butterworth from transport to trainers.
Lucky 18 hanging with the flares

Indonesia Earthquake Update
It appears that five RMAF aircraft are involved in the humanitarian mission to Sulawesi. Apart from a single A400M – based in Jakarta and flying to Balikpapan in Kalimantan, the hub of the humanitarian mission, two Hercules and two EC725 helicopters will also be involved. As the runway at Palu, the ground zero of the earthquake and tsunami disaster could only accomodate the Hercules, the two RMAF aircraft will fly back and forth from Balikpapan to Palu. The two EC725 will be based in Sulawesi to distribute supplies to areas which were inaccessible by roads. Story here.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim,
    Any latest on the Sukhoi saga?

    Not much, it’s status quo really, waiting for the government to release the funding

  2. Off topic.

    From indonesian news sources it is said that all 4 of TUDM airbus A400M transporters are in indonesia flying an airbridge between jakarta and sulawesi. If that is the case, congrats TUDM, make malaysia proud and help to make a difference to those that needed the help.

    No lah, only one is there, tail number 02

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