BNS selects Gowind for LCS

LANGKAWI (Dec 4): BNS has selected the Gowind frigate from DCNS for the LCS project. The company is set to display a model of the Gowind frigate at its booth for Lima 2011. However before I left the Mahsuri hall at 630pm today the model has yet to be put up although the stand containing the text was already prepared to be put up.

I will post the picture of the model perhaps by tomorrow morning. The text says the ship will be 107 metres long with a displacement of 2750 tonnes. That would make it a FFG not a LCS or SGPV.

Boustead Gowind Frigate

The model sports what appears to be a Bofors MK4 57mm gun, an eight (updated) cell ESSM launcher, a Rheimental FCR front and back, two 30mm Otobreda guns and a big helo deck.

Word is that the contract for the ship WILL NOT be signed at Lima though.

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