Back to Haunt Him

KUALA LUMPUR: The economic crisis may well be the best excuse to put on hold the Nuri Replacement Programme, but I believe the PM cum Defence Minister’s unwise decision to buy the Airbus A319 CJ is back to haunt him.


Some might accuse that this is a cheap shot but one have to wonder whether or not purchasing arms for national defence is less important than a corporate jet for family and government travel.

Ah, the wonder of National Interest!

–Malaysian Defence

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Shah Alam


  1. if i am not mistaken we have about 6 airplane for vip use.

    Marhalim: My count four VVIP planes, Airbus ACJ, Fokker F28, Boeing BBJ and Falcon 900. There is a Gulfstream V with a Malaysian flag usually used by the Old Man to fly around, not sure whether its still under the Government books or wet lease. One must not forget the VVIP helicopter fleet, one Agusta Sea King and two Blackhawks….

  2. Its 2 AS-61s and 1 A-109A from Agusta. [The other A-109 and IPTN Super Puma were written off] While mantained and flown by the RMAF, the S-70s are owned by the PMs Department. Not to mention the pair of CN-235s ordered 4 years ago, configured for VIP use instead of adding to the 6 currently flown by 21 Squadron. A large fixed wing and rotary VIP fleet for an air force the size of the RMAF.

    Marhalim: Is it two AS-61s? I have only seen one. What are the two other VIP jets in service? I have mentioned the Fokker, Airbus, Boeing and Falcon…

  3. the Airbus ACJ ,some say we got it 2,1 Boeing 737 use by PM & DPM ,1 Bombardier Global express ,2 IPTN CN-235 ,1 Falcon 900 & Fokker maybe we have about 7 or 8(if we got 2 airbus) airplane just for VIPs.for the helicopter,we have 2 AS-61s and 2 Blackhawk,the A109A i’m not sure active or not.

    Marhalim: the A109A is active but mostly used by the services as for the hawks. It is most probable we have two Falcon 900s as MINDEF advertised for simulator services several months ago.

  4. the CN-235 solely used by RMAF top brass i think…not for PMs Dept

    Gulfstream IV is owned by Petronas, but some people says that the real owner is actually Ananda Krishnan

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