Third LMS Delivered

Third LMS prior to her launch. RMN

SHAH ALAM: Third LMS delivered. A day after the Defence Minister said that the LMS procurement will be completed by end of this month, RMN took physical delivery of the third LMS (pennant 113). The physical delivery ceremony was held at a hotel in Qidong, Shanghai on Sept 14 (today), RMN said in a press release.

The ship will be known as KD Badik once commissioned in service, hopefully later this month or in early October. Badik is a small daggers used in the past through-out the archipelago. This is in keeping with the names selected for the China-made LMS – the first one is KD Keris and KD Sundang – small knives or daggers.

KD Keris. Malaysian Defence

RMN was represented by the Malaysian Defence Attache to China, First Admiral Zahid Aziz, together with BNS and China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Ltd. According to RMN, work on the third LMS started on 18 September 2019 and she was launched on 28 October, 2020. The ship has since undergone successful harbour and sea trials.

First Admiral Zahid Aziz posed for photographs after signing the physical delivery of the third LMS together with the BNS and CSOC representative. RMN

RMN said prior to signing the physical delivery documents, Zahid led the final inspection committee, conducting documentation, physical and sailing of the ship. RMN said the final and fourth LMS – to be named KD Rencong – is expected to be delivered by this December. Hopefully by that time the situation will be conducive for me to attend the commissioning ceremony.

Sealed and delivered. RMN

With the physical delivery ceremony held today, I am guessing that the LMS 3 will embarked on her first official travel for Kota Kinabalu, very soon. It was for this reason I wrote yesterday that the Defence Ministry should be able to enunciate her commissioning date instead of the very vague “by the end of the month.

Third LMS after her launch in October 2020. RMN

The commissioning of the still unnamed LMS 3 is expected to be held at the Kota Kinabalu naval base. If you remember, KD Sundang, physical delivery and naming ceremony was done at the same time. Her commissioning was delayed of course due to the pandemic.

Fourth LMS at her launch in Wuhan, China December, 2020. RMN picture

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. So with travel restrictions loosened for officials, I am guessing it will soon be the Panglima’s turn to make a trip to Mesa, Arizona for handover of the Little Birds. I heard the best time to visit that part of the world is late Oct to Dec.

  2. @joe,

    I am not sure whether it’s still applicable now but I did read in the news a few months ago that only travelers with Western-developed vaccines are allowed to travel to the west.

    So if he gets Sinovac, he probably can’t go then. Huhu…

  3. ASM,

    A high ranking member of the MAF doesn’t necessarily have to travel to the U S. for the handover. The handover can be conducted with the Amvassador or even the DA, with the actual ceremony done here, as has been the case on a number of occasions.

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