KD Keris Operational Mission

KD Keris arriving at the Sepanggar naval base jetty for the welcoming ceremony

SHAH ALAM: KD Keris has undertaken its first publicly reported operational mission. The ship was involved in Op Benteng – patrolling some 10.6 nautical mile off Pulau Mantanani, off Kota Belud, Sabah, when it spotted a fishing vessel on Nov. 11, Borneo Post TV reported today.

It said Keris, ordered the fishing vessel to stop and a boarding team was sent for inspection using one of the two boats launched from the stern of the ship. Upon inspection and finding all of the fishermen had the necessary documents, the fishing vessel was allowed to proceed.

KD Keris two stern launch boats.

This was the first reported operational mission of Keris, the first of four China made LMS, which arrived home in January. KD Keris arrival home story

KD Keris 30mm CS/AN3 RWS

It is likely that the ship had been out for patrol -either for trials or operational missions – before this, but it was the first time that it had been made public.

Sabah Governor Tun Juhar at the bridge of KD Keris at the homecoming ceremony.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. ” You patrol with what you have ”

    We bought an expensive special ship that is optimised for patrol, the cost which can get us a much more bigger 1800 ton OPV, or multiple numbers of similar sized ships for MMEA. Nigeria got a ship called P18N, which are sister ships to Thai Pattani class OPVs built in the same Wuchang Shipyard in China as our LMS68 for USD47 million.


    Anyway the location of the patrol

    The islands are called Mantanani, not Mantatani.

    If we look at our official map


    Those islands are within our territorial waters. benign patrol areas, far from esscom or chinese claimed 9dash lines. Operationally within the allowed area for marine police.

  2. off topic

    there is a news about a new advanced irianian multi purpose ship with IRIGC


    It is said to weigh 400 tons,150 meters long, and 22 meters wide, the ship has three-dimensional radar (that is a joke, only commercial 2d radars seen), surface-to-surface missiles, surface-to-air missiles, highly advanced integrated communication systems, the 3rd of Khordad missile, and capable of carrying helicopters, drones, and operational vessels.

    The ship looks very familiar to me… Then i remembered to see this vessel before when i was researching about RORO ships.


    It was formally called Galaxy F, and last AIS broadcast was for bandar abbas iran in June 2020. Was sold for about USD2.5 million.

    They bought this ship second hand, painted it grey and called it their newest advanced warship!!! No modifications at all, no hangars build like our BM5 and BM6.

  3. Marhalim – “You patrol with what you have”

    Very true. I suspect that being it’s first patrol it was mainly intended to provide crews with some added experience in handling the ship before it ventures into the EEZ. Their shallow draught enables them to use the jetty at Layang-Layang.

    I expect the RMN will start lobbying for funding to arm it some way or the other. Even after or rather “if” they’re armed; the fact remains that like practically all RMN ships (the Saktis being the key exception); they’ll still be used for routine peacetime patrols.

    Even the Saktis are being used for patrols nowadays

  4. @ marhalim

    ” Even the Saktis are being used for patrols nowadays ”

    Right now the Mahawangsa is basically our defacto training ship, as both of our korean training ships has to be used as OPVs for Ops Benteng patrols.

    As part of the training cruise, KD Mahawangsa also performed Op Benteng duties

  5. Yes; as part of routine patrols/deployments; like Hang Tuah and others before: the Korean training ships will conduct various forms of training for midshipmen and other ranks.

    The Saktis have performed routine patrols in the past but only if there’s no alternative. Similarly in the past the ex USN LSTs were used for various roles not originally intended out of sheer necessity.

  6. @ chua

    We also do that with BM5, BM6 and Tun Azizan. But we never called them warships, and certainly we did not claim it to be a super warship like Iran does with the Shahid Roudaki aka ex Galaxy F.

    But in malaysian context, where we now are looking at MRSS, and dabbling with the marine corps concept, i believe that we dont really need LPDs as MRSS. I would prefer us to have 2 specially modified RORO ship to be our MRSS. We actually need a fast logistical bridge from west to east malaysia more than actually need an amphibious landing capable ship. This could be had for around USD100-150 million each.





    To augment the dedicated MRSS, 1-2 commercial heavilift RORO could be bought and put as auxiliary TLDM ships. It could be chartered out for commercial use between east and west malaysia, and put into military use when needed. As seen from the iranian aquisition, these ships can be had as low as USD2.5 million.


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