Keel Laying Ceremony for Third LCS

SHAH ALAM: The keel laying ceremony for the third Littoral Combat Ship is scheduled on December 18 at the BNS dockyard in Lumut. Malaysian Defence has reported that the ceremony will be held around this time in the posting regarding the launch of the first LCS, Maharaja Lela in August.

The LCS major equipment detailed. RMN graphic

As the ceremony is for the third LCS, BNS is expected to start working on the other three ships in the near future. For more on the LCS, check out Malaysian Defence archives for such stories. That said some of the earlier stories were lost following the server failure two years ago.

Part of the LCS3 keel seen in a hangar at BNS.

Anyhow in the earlier story I mentioned that parts of the third LCS were already being worked on at BNS facility during the launch of the Maharaja Lela.

LCS naming survey.

As for the names of the LCS, based on the above, the second one will be called Shariff Mashor, the third Raja Mahadi, Mat Salleh (fourth), Tok Janggut (fifth) and the sixth Mat Kilau. Some people might disagree naming the ships after persons but I guessed this was taken consideration when they decided on the names. That said Maharaja Lela was actually a title given by the Sultan of Perak in the past to his warlords as a norm deguerre for a judge, jury and executioner. Indeed an apt name for a warship.

Part of LCS 2 module seen in another hangar at BNS

As I am planning to go to Lumut for the ceremony on Monday, perhaps I will get some updates on the LCS in particular and the RMN in general. I am not saying I will get something but I will try.

BNS workers posed for pictures with Maharaja Lela at her launch in August, 2017 The workers are under strict order not to share the pictures of the ship during the construction.

Those who want to see the LCS and the BNS facility at Lumut, can do so by taking the regular ferry service from Lumut to Pulau Pangkor. Choose the ferry with the open rear deck and you will be richly rewarded. You will also get to see the RMN Western Fleet headquarters and the ships docked there.

The new hangars (far right) and gantry crane at BNS added specifically for the LCS program.

Be advised though that Maharaja Lela and the LCS 2 are usually placed under the huge hangars at BNS as the workers continue to finish them as such you might not be able to see them. That said the ships are moved in and out from the hangars periodically for other work to be done so you have just have to count on your lucky stars to spot them, if you do take a ferry down to Pangkor Island.

— Malaysian Defence

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