GOF APC Winner Revealed

An ESSCOM operator with the Ferfrans P10 SBR with a short suppressor and IAG Jaws armoured vehicle. ESSCOM.

SHAH ALAM: Back in June, last year, Malaysian Defence wrote about the tender for four armoured personnel carriers (APC) for the General Operations Force or Pasukan Gerakan Am of the police.
Among the specifications for the APC are:

An APC with a turbo-diesel engine with no less than 4,500cc; with a maximum power of 250hp at 2,600rpm; power to weight ratio of 25 tonne to the gross vehicle weight; maximum torque of 700nm at 1,600 – 2,600rpm and uses an engine using at minimum Euro 3 diesel engine. The specifications are mandatory according to the public portion of the tender.

Other specifications include all around protection from 7.62mm and 5.56mm ammunition; can carry eight passengers including the driver; monocoque chassis; equipped with five doors and equipped with strobe and flash LED lights. Like those above, these specifications are mandatory and non compliance will be rejected.

GOF troopers with their JAWS armoured 4X4 in ESSCOM AOR. PDRM

Checks on Eperolehan website yesterday showed that Global Komited Sdn Bhd – a subsidiary of the Weststar Group – was awarded the Letter of Award for the tender. Unfortunately, the LOA cost was not announced. It must be noted that the tender was supposed to be valid until March 22, this year, so it was likely that the LOA was awarded prior to the expiry date.
UTK troopers demonstrating shooting position from their Typhoon MRAP. Note the LED light strip underneath the gun. PDRM picture

From another Malaysian Defence post we know that

seven bidders have qualified for the tender. Their bids ranged from the lowest RM10.720 million and RM11.644 million, the highest one. The other bids are RM11 million; RM11.067 million; RM11.160 million; RM11.200 million and RM11.287 million.

Based on the above bids, I am guessing that the bidders knew the ceiling price for the tender which is likely to be below RM12 million. I stand to be corrected of course.

I have no idea what vehicle was offered by Global Komited. The company had previously supplied the police with fifteen IAG JAWS armoured 4X4s. Four JAWS are currently in service with the GOF in Sabah while the others are with the UTK and VAT69. Perhaps, the vehicle offered for tender will be displayed at Weststar booth at DSA 2024 exhibition which starts on May 6.

Malbatt IAG Guardians armed with 7.62 machine gun during a 2020 firing exercise in Lebanon. Joint Force picture

It is unlikely the JAWS was offered for the tender as based on the specifications, it will be a much bigger vehicle like the Streit Typhoon – two in service with the UTK and IAG Guardians, in service with Malaysian unit in UNIFIL. Both vehicles are equipped with three doors each, and not five as noted in the specifications list. Guardians were supplied by Weststar as part of the barter trade for the Starstreak SHORAD system.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim, any leads on the 2024 PDRM light helicopter project?

    In previous topics there was a comment about this being increased from 5 to more than 20, and from tender to direct negotiation.

  2. Looks likely winner winner chicken dinner will be Guardian, it also helps that once the Pantheras have replaced those in UNFIL roles, they will be shipped back to Msia for local use so GK/Weststar could start setting up a MRO workshop for the Guardians in both GOF & TDM.

    Then again GK had supplied Thai originated GM-M1 trucks to TDM so perhaps a GK IP Lipanbara (or similar from Thai) might be promoted instead?

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