Orion-E Debut at Dubai Airshow

Orion E UAS. Rosoboronexport JSC

SHAH ALAM: Russian Orion-E UAS will make it global debut at the upcoming Dubai Airshow. The Orion-E MALE drone in the reconnaissance/strike configuration will have its global premiere at the Dubai Airshow 2021 on Nov. 14, the developer and producer the Kronshtadt company said to Malaysian Defence.

“The Orion-E unmanned aerial vehicle will be showcased along with its weapons at Dubai Airshow 2021. It will be the first ever demonstration of the Russian combat UAS at the major international airshow, the first demonstration of Orion-Es weapons abroad and the first presentation of the Orion-E in the Middle East.

We look forward to the international success of the Orion-E, the first Russian market-oriented UCAV. The Orion-E is equipped with satellite communication system that boosts its range. The optimal aerodynamic design ensures effective performance, while the long service life means, that we will be able to continuously develop its payload and equip it with new weapons and systems, ” says Kronshtadt.

Orion-E UAS. Kronshtadt.

The Dubai Airshow will be held from Nov. 14 to Nov. 21.
Orion-E UAS with its potential load out, a FAB 250 kg bomb and Vikhr missile.

The Orion-E will be presented on the unified Russian exposition organized by Rosoboronexport along with the Vikhr guided missile and the OFAB-100-120 aerial bomb. The Kronshtadt is also to show in Dubai its new automated workplace for UAS group operations that’s never been previously shown at any exhibition. RThe international marketing of the Orion-E in combat configuration has been announced by the Rosoboronexport earlier this year. The Orion-E is intended for performing missions in a wide range of climate zones.

The maximum take-off weight is 1.1 t, the maximum payload weight is 250 kg. The maximum flight duration is 30 hours, and the speed is up to 200 km/h. From one ground control point, up to 4 UAVs can be simultaneously controlled, says the official
presentation. The Orion-E is equipped with replaceable payloads based on modular principle. There are three hard points for aerial weapons.

Orion-E on display at MAKS 2021.

At the MAKS-2021 expo the Vikhr missile was demonstrated for the first time along with the Orion-E. According to the Kalashnikov Group, the manufacturer, the Vikhr is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 10 kilometers, its speed is more than 600 meters per second. Thickness of homogeneous armor behind dynamic protection penetrable by the tandem shaped charge warhead – 750 mm. In May 2021, Kalashnikov announced the successful flight trials of the Vikhr missiles with a series of missile launches performed by a Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance/attack helicopter.

— Malaysian Defence

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