AIROD: To be or not to be

I was wondering when Airod will pop-up on these pages after the amount of ink spilled on the matter over the years.
As usual Airod came into the picture with another round of talk that it will change hands (as in previous times) as speculated in the local paper today.
Will it happened, finally? The same thing happened about five years ago. It did not happened.
Even the supposed tie-up between Airod and BAE Systems did not happen.
Should we get excited? No, as we missed the boat a long time ago. Since this is Malaysian Defence anything that involved our defence is fair game. No matter how mundane the issue or how the matter had drag on all this while.
Remember long time ago, Airod was a partner with Lockheed. It did not last. No big deal.
In the meantime, across the park, Transmile is doing the same thing on their own planes, as do MAS while Air Asia just crosses the pond.
A few years ago we were talking about turning Malaysia into an aerospace hub with our premier facility waiting for the dole, one wonder whether all of that was just hot air.
As an episode of Spongebob Squarepants pointed out: One per cent evil, 99 per cent hot air.

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