Tan Sri Ismail is the New IGP

KUALA LUMPUR: Its a developing story and I will add the link later but Tan Sri Musa Hassan is retire on Sept 12 with his deputy taking over Tan Sri Ismail taking over on Sept 13. My advice to Tan Sri Ismail? Stay for one year only, do not let them extend your contract…………………

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. I am quite sad because Tan Sri Musa Hassan will leave PDRM soon. Anyway, all the best to Tan Sri Ismail to continue this most excellent tradition in PDRM as the new police commissioner. Hail to the chief!!!

  2. Congratulations to Tan Sri Ismail.

    My request to him is for the PDRM to do more to prevent and reduce the occurrence of crime that is affecting our daily lives.

    Snatch thieves and robberies are real daily threats to the security of our society today.

    We do not feel safe anymore walking the street or housing estate at night especially alone.

    At night we become paranoid of robbers breaking into our house while we are asleep

    The PDRM should not let their guards down and remiss to look after the safety and security of the people 24/7.

  3. Brother! when will the…. retire? He has not done anything to improve the ARMED Forces except warming his chair and traveling overseas. Has not seen any progress in the Armed Forces apart from missing jet engine which till today donno where and MB 339 new body old engine!!!
    And what is going on with the sukhoi? What is happening to the old base Sungai Besi… It is about time to remind him to wake up… what is Malaysia Defense Policy, What kind of military posture that Malaysia wants to project? hahahahahaha with incapable ….. and incompetent leadership then wither the ARMED FORCES. People say makan gaji buta! don’t tell me the Defense Minister is ……

    Marhalim: You know more than me D….

  4. Sorry brother! sorry brother as I was reading your article on “Best Air Force Chief in living memory” with your reasoning of procuring MB 339 as his legacy was a real joke man!!! new body old engine!!! hahahhhaa and MK 11….ehm what a legacy of a guy!!!

  5. Sometimes we wonder why the RMAF buys the French 4 x A400M Military Airbus transport aircraft when it already has the 16 x C130 aircraft in its possession. For what purpose this purchase is intended if it does not contribute to improving the RMAF’s air power? If we have such spare cash (RM2.4 billion for 4xA400M) to spend, why don’t we make sure we buy those weapons and combat aircraft that are really needed for the immediate defence of our homeland? It becomes more puzzling when Malaysia opted to buy the A400M when the French Air Force itself steers away from the A400M aircraft.Why? why? why?

    Marhalim: Since we had paid for the planes I guess we will have them anyway. The French and the Brits are only now realising that they cannot afford the planes, on our part we have not realised it yet or simply ignoring the problem….

  6. Agreed with Loreng. But all of us already knew why the govt still don’t want to call off this program and I don’t think I should further explain about this.

    If the air force really need such a new air lifter, the C-130J would be a good contender. But, instead they should consider the C-17 which is much cheaper then the A400 but has insanely much higher payload then the A400.

    Marhalim: The C17 is much expensive than the A400M, Syameer although it does have a bigger payload.

  7. Marhalim, The point I am trying to make is we should use our money judiciously; we should buy the items that we really need to defend our country like more combat aircraft, more missiles, airborne early warning aircraft etc . How can we argue that the 4 x A400M at a cost of RM2.6 billion will improve our military deterrence in a drastic way since the aircraft could only provide transport strategic capability to reinforce the 16 x C130. I contend the RM2.6 billion could have been used for more urgent projects to help the RMAF build its combat air power to the desired capability.

    Marhalim: I agree with you as I had mentioned in previous postings already. But since money had changed hands already and the A400M doesnt like much a winner nowdays I doubt we can get the same amount of money if we were to decide now we dont need it unless of course there is a change in government…..

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