Combat Training For Paras

A 10th Para mortar team firing an 81mm mortar. BTDM

SHAH ALAM: Combat. Thanks to the Army online news service, BTDM, we are now more informed of the goings on in the service. For example, the 9 RAMD (Para) conducted a live fire training from Nov 9 to 17 at the Asahan and Gemas firing ranges.

Getting ready to fire an 81mm mortar.

According to BTDM, 363 officers and men from the unit were involved in the 24 months training cycle for support weapons at section, platoon, company and battalion levels.

Soldiers from 9 RAMD take cover from a nearby explosion. BTDM did not identify how the explosion came about.

The objective of the training exercise was to boost the effectiveness of the support weapons employment and combat capabilities in a combined operation.

Mortar firing at night.

The training exercise was the closest simulation possible for actual combat employment of individual and support weapons under the command and control of the section and platoon leaders, BTDM says.

A mortar section of 9 RAMD firing what appears to be 60mm mortars.

The training exercise is also conducted as part of the Eks Gempur IX together with Eks Paradise, a joint exercise with RMAF in Sabah scheduled in late November. As the Paras are also regularly deployed to ESSCOM it is likely that this kind of training exercise will come handy in case they need to use their weapons in anger. However, lets hope that they will never need to do so.

Firing GMPGs from the tripod mount.

Eks Paradise which starts from Nov 14 to 26 is being held out of the Labuan airbase. A live firing exercise is expected to be held at Kota Belud firing range on Nov. 21.

Throwing a grenade

Various RMAF aircraft from the Sukhoi Su-30MKM, Hawk, F/A-18D, C130H,KC130,CN235, EC725 and Nuri helicopters are expected to be involved.

RMAF Hawk 208s tail number 36 and 34 in the dispersal shed at Labuan airbase for Eks Paradise 2/2015

* All pictures apart from the last were sourced from BTDM

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim,

    Mostly what 81m Mortar Commenly used by RAMD. Is it From Russia or UK ?

    It’s from Serbia

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