Govt-to-Govt Negotiations in Military Contracts

KUALA LUMPUR: Since the Nuri replacement programme is open, Malaysian Defence wonders whether Govt-to-Govt negotiations will be used this time around.

The G-to-G negotiations is the latest programme initiated by the Europeans in the aftermath of arms for bribes scandals in the 80s. The US has a similar programme, the much criticised Foreign Military Sales.

Basically, it will be govt officers who will negotiate with the foreign buyers with the private defence firms providing the specifications and price. It is up to the govt officers to extract the best deal possible with the foreign buyer.

It is supposed to eliminate the middleman better known as agents who are claimed to be main culprits/conduit for corruption. Of course it is not a perfect system, as when it comes to big defence contracts, the huge amount of profits generated have always been a big catalyst for corruption.

There is no perfect system, of course a G-t-G deal could involved other type of intrigue, apart from money, power and influence are just another part of the equation of course.

But it will be interesting to see whether this time around, for the Nuri replacement programme, G-to-G negotiations will be used or it will be same three ring circus.

Personally, Malaysian Defence believes either will do just fine, as long as the services got the best machine available, at the best time and money, of course.

Pictured below are the helicopters that should be involved in the tender exercise whether or not they will be offered is another story of course.

From top Chinook, Cougar, MI-17, NH90,. AW101 and Superhawk.


–Malaysian Defence

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