CL-415 for MMEA Part II

KUALA LUMPUR: Bombardier has issued a press release on the MMEA purchase of the two CL-415 amphibians. There is no mention of the contract price on the deal. However, the release did note that the contract is also for training and integration as MMEA purchased the Multi Purpose version equipped with special equipment such as radars and such.

Since we are paying for the “integration’ Malaysian Defence estimate that the contract price will easily exceed the RM200 million mark. One wonders who will pay for a new equipment if the current black boxes do not integrate? If Malaysian Defence remember correctly we have never been lucky with “integration” with any of our recent procurements, so the purchase of these amphibians seemed to be more and more dubious.

And with all the sensitive equipment on board, again, one have to wonder whether it will be prudent for these planes to land on water day in and day out? Furthermore, with the added weight in equipment, these planes will not be able to carry extra crew as boarding party. That means they will probably have to call a patrol boat to the scene, instead intervening directly, negating the need for amphibians in the first place.

Actually for Sabah’s coastal surveillance, I do believe an aerostat equipped with sophisticated sensors would be a better choice than a UAV or even amphibians.

From Bombardier website:

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency Buys Two Bombardier 415 Multipurpose Aircraft

Montréal, June 13, 2008

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency becomes Asian launch customer for the Bombardier 415MP aircraft

Today, Bombardier Aerospace announced that the government of Malaysia has placed a firm order for two Bombardier 415 multipurpose amphibious aircraft (Bombardier 415MP) for the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA). With this order, the Malaysian government becomes the launch customer in Asia for the specialized Bombardier 415MP aircraft.

In addition, the contract includes aircraft integration and training.

A variant of the rugged Bombardier 415 amphibious aircraft, the only aircraft specifically designed for aerial firefighting, the two Bombardier 415MP will be modified with maritime surveillance capabilities to meet the specialized needs of the MMEA. As such, the two Bombardier 415MP aircraft will be equipped with a state-of-the-art surveillance suite that includes two side-looking airborne radars, one forward-looking infrared radar, an airborne maritime surveillance system and other avionics and communications equipment.

“The aircraft’s ability to fly at low speed and low altitude with great manoeuvrability and to land on water also makes it an ideal aircraft for coastal patrol missions,” said Michel Bourgeois, President, Specialized and Amphibious Aircraft Division, Bombardier Aerospace.

“Our Bombardier 415MP aircraft also offers unique multi-mission capabilities for a wide range of missions as it combines the capabilities of a traditional surveillance aircraft with the added benefit of being able to execute direct interventions on water. It is a very capable and cost-effective aircraft, able to carry out a multitude of specialized missions that previously required dedicated vessels and aircraft,” added Mr. Bourgeois.

Since delivery of the first Bombardier 415 aircraft in 1994, Bombardier Aerospace has delivered 67 Bombardier 415 aircraft in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Ontario, Québec and Spain, with 42 aircraft in operation in the Mediterranean region alone.

The multi-purpose Bombardier 415MP can be used in a variety of specialized missions such as search and rescue, environmental protection, coastal patrol and transportation. It is fitted with sophisticated sensors to locate and identify vessels, people in distress and pollutants.

About Bombardier
A world-leading manufacturer of innovative transportation solutions, from commercial aircraft and business jets to rail transportation equipment, systems and services, Bombardier Inc. is a global corporation headquartered in Canada. Its revenues for the fiscal year ended Jan. 31, 2008, were $17.5 billion US, and its shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (BBD). Bombardier is listed as an index component to the Dow Jones Sustainability World and North America indexes. News and information are available at

Bombardier, Bombardier 415, Bombardier 415MP and CL-215 are trademarks of Bombardier Inc., or its subsidiaries.

Malaysian Defence

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  1. aerostat , does it vulnerable for kena tembak?
    sorry for asking, or is there any regulations macam parachute trooper tu?

    Marhalim: Its a modern balloon fitted with radars or other payloads.. Its moored to a fixed site. Its not a perfect solution, I concede but its persistent although not in bad weather…..

  2. meaning that aerostats cannot move on waters alone?
    must have the mooring and the tethers ke?
    please enlightened me, i do not know how does it works.tq

    MArhalim: Yes the blimp its tied down to a mooring station where all the data from the radar and other sensors are monitored, As the radar antenna can rotate, the system will have a 360 degree coverage. The type of radar will determined what the radar operator will see, with Moving Target Indicator only moving targets will be tracked while others ignored. Furthermore it can also be designed to classify targets those identified by electronic means and such and those which are unidentified. Its persistent coverage is what you want if the mission is for coastal reconnaissance duties 24/7. It is cheaper to buy and maintain in short and long term. The extra money could be used to buy patrol boats and training and safety and combat gear for the coast guard personnel. I am not saying its the perfect solution, but since money is tight, we have to think outside the box for task which is tedious and mundane but totally necessary.

  3. Shah,

    As for you earlier info, I believed that the con tract to buy the CL-415s would probably have been signed with the government and the local agent which in turn must have signed another agreement with Bombardier. So technically there is no need for them to sign with Bombardier, in the event of the government reneging on the contract, Bombardier can still claim losses through its contract with the local agent. It will be messy but they can still do it.

    We are paying for the excesses of the last 30 years. The deal is the perfect example of Mahathirsm. Stupid, Corrupt and at the same time Traitorously nationalistic. Traitotorous nationalistic? At the same time they are selling the country they also fullfilled the needs of the National Economic Policy!

    Dont be fooled by the mantrra that a change in government would solve the problems. Unlike you and me, the rich and mighty play on both sides of the divide! Thats the reaosn they try to make so much money on each deal, they have to sucked up to both sides and still have leftovers for their great-great grandchildren!

  4. Dr M hasn’t been running the show for quite some time now. This falls squarely in the laps of the Badawi (mis)administration that in unwilling to divest itself of the ‘good old ways’. This is a slight blemish however for a government now charged in the court of public opinion with conspiracy to pervert the natural course of justice. In this they have learned well from the Old One but unlike him, they are incompetent.

    A change in government would not be disagreeable, for none can be as incompetent and inept as the current lot. The truly rich and mighty don’t even have to do the deal to steal billions and leave their lackeys to take the fall…..paging Encik Amin Shah…..Encik Amin Shah……please come back to Malaysia……. while they whisk the ill gotten gains off into a dozen banks established in as many countries.

    But the really , really ‘bes’ part is that the rakyat is still willing to vote for these charlatans!!! Yes, that’s you and me, dummy. (Mea culpa…I did pangkah the dacing once, Bodownya)

    Marhalim: We have been disagreeing on the issue of Mahathirsm for some time now. I am not saying Mahathir had a hand on this deal but the biggest problem with Badawi is that he continued with Mahathirsm. Of course Badawi takes the blame for this deal but if he had ditched Mahathirsm, he might turn out to be better. Amin Shah was and is a great benefactor of Mahathirsm……

  5. Dear Marhalim,
    Any suggestion to improve the method of acquisitions, especially in the name of Defense? Can you think of the standards and practices that Malaysia can adopt as a Nation to prevent this Traitorously nationalistic Behavior.

    Marhalim: please read my earlier posts for better perspective. One way is for open tenders and procurement direct from OEM. No more Mahathirsm style politico-economy-defence linkages…

  6. And full disclosure of sub-contractors so that we know if sensitive work is being conducted by Singaporean and Israeli companies. I have no problems with either, only that people don’t get all butt hurt when it comes out……

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