PAC Shocked by Further Delays in LCS project

Work on the LCS as shown during the PAC proceedings made public on November 14 2023. Screenshot from PAC report November 14.

SHAH ALAM: Despite the assurances by RMN Chief Admiral Rahman Ayob that the LCS will be in the water – as according to schedule – it appears that there are delays to the project. Bernama is quoting Public Affairs Committe (PAC) chairperson chairman Mas Ermieyati Samsudin that the delays in the construction of the LCS were both shocking and worrying.

From FMT:

Mas Ermieyati said the progress of the LCS project was presented to the PAC today in proceedings attended by defence ministry secretary-general Isham Ishak; LCS project leader Franklin Jeyasekhar Joseph and Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Azhar Jumaat.

“PAC wants the contractor, as well as the LCS project team, to take steps to resolve the problem.

“However, this committee welcomes Isham’s statement that the defence ministry will take immediate action to ensure that the delay issue can be addressed,” she said in a statement.

Mas Ermieyati said the length of the delay could not be disclosed for now, due to compliance with Standing Order 85 of the Dewan Rakyat.

She said that the details of today’s proceedings would be presented in the ministry’s follow-up action report on the PAC’s recommendations to the Dewan Rakyat, which will convene from Feb 26.

LCS schedule based on the sixth supplemental contract. PAC

Rahman had said that the LCS will be launched into water this May. That was the deadline imposed on BNS with the sixth supplemental contract and reported by the PAC as well (see above graphic). The PAC quarterly report on the LCS will be made public when Parliament convenes February 26.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Out of topic. Philippine approved 2. trillion pesos for 10 years modernization around 35 Billion US dollars. Do we need to be concerned or just Chill in the corner

  2. @ jun

    A 10-year (2025-2035??), USD35 billion modernization project is a lot.

    For our defence sector, usually for 10 years, we will allocate USD10 billion to buy new equipments (USD5 billion every 5-year Rancangan Malaysia).

    Even for the philippines, their 2024 defence budget for example, only allocated USD710 million for equipment buy. So they really need to ramp up the allocation quickly to match the approved level of funding.

    With that level of funding, if fully followed through, I would not be surprised if by 2035, the Philippine Armed Forces, that prioritizes area denial and deterrence capabilities on both the maritime and the aerial domain to become a much more superior force than Malaysia.

    Some of their current priorities
    – Submarine Force
    – New frigates
    – New LPD/SSV
    – Additional ASW helicopter

    Air force
    – New MRCA
    – Ground air defence radar
    – FA-50 upgrade
    – additional attack helicopter

    – additional 155mm SPH
    – anti ship missiles
    – Medium lift helicopters
    – Heavy lift helicopters

    The updated acquisition plan called “Re-Horizon 3” will focus on “an array of capabilities which will range from our domain awareness, our connectivity, our intelligence capabilities or C4iSTAR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, targeting acquisition and reconnaissance) … to our area denial and deterrence capabilities on both the maritime and the aerial domains,” Defense Secretary Gilberto Teodoro Jr. said at an event hosted by the Manila Overseas Press Club last week.

  3. @jun

    Good for us. They are geographically speaking the Poland of asean. the meat shield I mean buffer state between us and the big scary red dragon.

  4. @jun
    Approve is one thing whether they will have the money to spend that amount is another. Pinoy still has a bigger income gap than ours, and many parts are mired in chronic poverty, many of these denizens are angry & resentful to the point of they had all out insurrections. Whether its wise for them to spend that much on defence instead of social security programs which benefits the poor rakyats is for them to decide.

    As for Msia we have decided on another route and defence takes a backseat. Should we be worried, not really as neither us nor them see each other as threats. Lahad Datu was effected by rebellious citizen of their country and not their military nor do they appear to have any expansionary ambitions (except at SCS).

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