Digital Pattern Webbing For the Army

SHAH ALAM: Digital pattern webbing for the Army. The Army has a issued a request for bids for 49,431 “webbing digital equipment set complete” to be supplied within three years. The digital pattern webbing consists of a belt, shoulder harness and pouches for ammo, water and other personal items. The items could be used separately or in one ensemble, for operational or ceremonial duties.

According to the specifications:

There is a requirement to equip the army personnel with an effective and ergonomically designed pack and webbing, which will afford the soldier to bear the load with ease, comfort whilst not hindering his movement or tactical action in all situations. It shall be designed to allow enough space to store personal equipment required by the soldier to sustain and operating effectively throughout the operation.

Soldiers stand at attention with their webbing gear in a picture taken in late 2020. BTDM

What is interesting that the webbing pack has largely been superseded by the body armour vest in most armies though these have been retained for parades and other ceremonial duties. The pouches from the current and the new ones being sought could also be fitted on MOLLE compatible body armour vest.

A machine gun team at Exercise Para Predator 1/2021. Note both are wearing the body armour vest instead of the webbing gear. BTDM

It is for this reason, most of the webbing gear pictures used in this post were those taken during parades.

Soldiers of 10th Para Brigade with their webbing gear. They manned an Adnan ambulance. BTDM

That said the current Malaysian Army webbing pack – including those of the RMN and RMAF – look very awkward as they did not seem to fit to the wearers body. Furthermore the flaps and D-rings -usually made of plastic – looked very fragile (see the first picture, above and the fourth, picture below).

Army chief Gen Zamrose Mohd Zain presenting a present to a soldier who had passed out from the the Army training centre at Port Dickson in early 2020. Note the the ill fitting webbing gear on the soldier. BTDM.

As I was researching the Internet on other users, I found out that the Royal Thai Army and the Royal Thai Marine Corps also used webbing gear during parades and other ceremonial duties. Theirs of course looked nicer and well designed and tailored.

A Royal Thai Marine stand at attention at a recent passing out parade in Bangkok. Internet

Hopefully the supplier for the RFB will be able to produce a webbing pack that is sturdy, almost soldier proof and looks good as well as the ones used by the Thai marines (above and below).

Royal Thai Marines in their BDU and webbing gear. Internet

— Malaysian Defence

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