Decisions, decisions

KUALA LUMPUR: They could not make the decisions, the astronauts and the darfur missions. Both were left to others to decide, the former the Russians, and the latter, Sudan and the UN.

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, ah, today was supposed to be the day they announced Malaysian first astronaut, either the good doctor or the dentist, although the media had reported the doctor had been chosen by the Russians.

Now, Pak Lah said since both had qualified as astronauts, the decision who will be the first Malaysian space tourist will be made just before the launch.

For Darfur, Syed Hamid said as the UN had picked Thailand and Bangladesh as the Asian contingent for Darfur, whether or not Malaysian troops to be sent to the country would depend on the world body although Sudanese want “us” there.

Very diplomatic and non-plus, not like the time when we wanted to send troops to Lebanon. Malaysia even when to the extent of asking Israel through third countries to agree. This time around for Darfur, we just said ok.

Darfur is not as glamourous as Lebanon, Malaysian Defence believes and twice as dangerous. The biggest question in Darfur, of course, who is the enemy? Although at the moment, Lebanon seemed to be heading that way.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. it seems that the UN mission to Darfur is already overpledged by mainly AU nations, not much we can do about it except to wait for the call

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