Nexter Colloborates With ADS For Caesar SPH

KNDS Caesar 155mm SPH. Picture used for illustration only. Malaysian Defence picture.

SHAH ALAM: – Advanced Defence Systems Sdn Bhd (ADS) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Nexter System (Nexter) focusing on the collaboration to widen the scope of Nexter’s Caesar 155mm 52 Calibre Wheeled Light Self-Propelled Artillery System. The ceremony took place during the Defence Services Asia (DSA) & National Security Asia (NATSEC Asia) 2022, at MITEC, Kuala Lumpur.

The front cab of the Caesar 155mm SPH. EL/SC

This collaboration aims to enhance the innovation of artillery systems for the Malaysian Armed Forces by providing advanced services and technologies from Nexter, CAESAR® 155mm 52 Calibre Wheeled Light Self-Propelled System, which has been planned for assembly at the ADS Assembly Plant in Segamat, Johor, Malaysia.
With such transfer of technology, if ADS succeeds in the impending tender to supply the Self-Propelled Howitzer system for the Malaysian Armed Forces, ADS has envisioned an intensive economic development in the Malaysia’s artillery industry. By having CAESAR® 155mm localized in Malaysia, the supply chain, mainly from use of local products could be further improved.

The business end of the Caesar 155mm SPH.

Caesar combines the high mobility of a truck with the power of a 155mm 52 calibre gun. It is the only long-range proven 52 calibre in the world with 70 % of the ammunition fired in combat missions in Iraq (above 18.000) in maximum charges, with great accuracy and crew safety performances. In addition, it demonstrates unrivalled mobility as the 18-tonne system is air transportable in a Lockheed C130 and is adaptable to any road, with limited impact on supply. The operational use of Caesar has validated the concept of a manual resupply facilitated by its ammunition lockers, a semi-automatic reloading system resistant to extreme weather conditions, and a crew of five people capable of remaining operational over time.
A close up of the Caesar 155mm SPH.

Highly modular, Caesar which installed on a 6×6 truck chassis can be reinforced with an over-armour kit to enhance its ballistic and anti-IED protection, which is fitted to Caesar MKII ordered by France this year. Moreover in terms of mobility, Caesar can be integrated on any conventional carriers depending on the user’s needs. Thus, Caesar is capable of supporting all types of motorised, mechanised or armoured units including rapid deployment forces – regardless of conflict level, theatre of operation or nature of the forces involved.
Nexter LG1 Mk111 105mm howitzers of 1 RAD at Eks Para Predator 1/2021. BTDM

ADS, one of the major Malaysian defence players, along with Nexter, the French’s land defence leader, have been business partners for 12 years and this MOU is part of their continuous efforts to further grow the defence industry in Malaysia and Asia. For record, ADS has successfully delivered 18 units of 105mm LG1 MKIII to the Malaysian Army in December 2020, four months ahead from the contractual date. The 105mm LG1 MKIII was completely assembled in ADS Assembly Plant in Johor.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Oh yeah didn’t it took them 1 freaking year just to assemble a mere 18 units of light 105 arties. So how long will it take them to assemble a regiment of SPH? 10 years?

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