Labuan Frigates

Since I have commented on the subject before, I do not wish to make further comments on the project apart from confirming that I am willing to bet RM50 (I am just a poor blogger) that the first frigate from the project will be inducted in the Royal Malaysian Navy in 2015.

The Bernama story did say that the project will commence 0nce the agreement is signed but they comveniently left out the price. My estimate is that each frigate willl cost RM2 billion each?

Just like the NGPV project the Labuan frigates is another long line of RMN attempt to become a blue water navy.

Anyhow this time around (unlike the much delayed NGPV project) everything is being done from fabrication to commissioning in Labuan.

The story also said that 350 workers from LSE are currently in UK doing their apprenticeship in preparation for the project. What ship project BAE System is doing now that they can have 350 people for training. Talk about halving your labour cost and at the same time getting paid for it.

I love it. Capitalism at its best.

Anyway isnt Realmild (M) Sdn Bhd used to be an NSTP company? If I remember correctly, it was sold off about two years ago.

AKJ could probably give us more details about the set-up of Realmild in the old days.

Can someone gives more details about the new owners?

From Bernama:


PUTRAJAYA, Feb 8 (Bernama) — BAE Systems, a global defence and aerospace company, will be transferring technology to Labuan Shipyard and Engineering (LSE) in building two frigates for the Royal Malaysian Navy.BAE Systems president, Sir Charles Masefield, said today the company would be assisting LSE in the development programmes right from design stage to system integration until manufacturing process.”We hope LSE could be a world class naval and commercial shipbuilding company by the end of the programme,” he told reporters after witnessing the signing of memorandum of understanding between BAE Systems and Realmild (M) Sdn Bhd, the owner of LSE.Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is also the Defence Minister, witnessed the ceremony at his office here.Sir Masefield said 350 Malaysians were currently undergoing apprenticeship with his company as part of preparation for undertaking the frigate project.The MoU was signed by BAE Systems managing director for Asia-Pacific, Steve Meighan and Realmild executive chairman Datuk Abdul Latif Abdullah.Sir Masefield said the project would commence immediately after the signing of agreement.Meanwhile, Abdul Latif said LSE would be investing RM30 million in upgrading the LSE capabilities to build the two frigates.”Naval shipbuilding capability will be the backbone of LSE apart from its oil and gas activities,” he said.– BERNAMA

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