Chief of Defence Force

PETALING JAYA: Its offcial. The official English translation of Panglima Angkatan Tentera (Armed Forces Chief) is Chief of Defence Force.

Yes, its Chief of Defence Force ( and not even Chief of Defence Forces as Bernama has used since the last three years. .

See my earlier posts for context.

Another thing I found on the website, on the tender section. I cannot figure it out. I believe no one have invented a waterborne pistol yet or are they saying water-proof 9mm pistol.

Is the high-powered is a reference to the Browning High Power pistol, the seminal John Browning handgun or somehow MINDEF believed 9mm is a high power cartridge?

“For The Supply and Delivery Of Waterborne Pistol Semi Automatic 9mm High Powered To The Government Of Malaysia”

–Malaysian Defence

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