MRCA Tender Is On? Typhoon is Simply Too Expensive or For That Matter, Rafale too…

KUALA LUMPUR: It appears that the Eurofighter Typhoon is simply out of our reach, based on the story below. One could also surmised the same for the Dassault Rafale also.

Both are heavily involved in the UN-mandated Libya No Fly Zone. Read Here

I know I had probably said a hundred of times already that we cant afford a new MRCA squadron or more at the moment, not unless our defence budget goes north (with the necessary reforms of course) but the latest official numbers simply confirmed it.

As I had said before for the price of the Typhoon (now listed by the UK PAC at RM548 million per plane) we will do much better, if we really went the the MRCA route to purchase the F-35 (which cost around RM400 million anyway).

Yes, the Super Bug is officially listed at USD57 million at the US Navy website but thats for the bare chassis alone, not with Government Furnished Equipment, such as engines, pylons and black boxes. It will probably cost at least RM300 million per per plane with all the stuff, minus the ordnance.

The Gripen NG, reportedly is the cheapest but then again with the low numbers flying we probably end up paying a ton in the long run.

Excerpts from the UK Parliament PAC report. The report is wonderful example how a national security issue can be made public without any fuss for breaching state secrets!

“It would seem that the third phase of this contract, for the last 16 aircraft, was driven by contractual obligations or by operational need. Overall, it is costing the Department £20.2 billion, £3.5 billion more than it first expected, to buy a third fewer aircraft. This is equivalent to the purchase cost of each aircraft rising by 75%, from £72 million to £126 million.

–Malaysian Defence

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