New Names For MMEA OPV

A CGI of the first of class MMEA OPV 1800.

SHAH ALAM: New Names for MMEA OPV. The three MMEA OPVs will not be named after the Royal Towns afterall. Malaysian Defence has previously reported that the three OPV being built by THHE- Destini JV will be named after three Royal towns namely – Kota Bharu, Kuala Kangsar and Seri Menanti. This followed the naming convention for the two OPVs donated by Japan – KM Pekan and KM Arau.

Malaysian Defence was told that MMEA is mulling over the naming and it is likely the ships -derived from the Damen 1800 OPV – will not be named after the Royal Towns after all.

KM Pekan

It must be noted that some quarters had criticised the naming of Pekan and Arau – claiming both were named for the parliamentary constituencies – though they were actually named after the Royal towns of Pahang and Perlis, respectively.
The first OPV at the THHE Fabricators yard.

Anyhow, Malaysian Defence can confirmed that the first OPV – in the final stages of completion – with the pennant number 8035 is expected to be launched by September or October. Apart from being delayed due to the lockdown imposed by the government over the coronavirus pandemic, the project was also hampered by the government decision to slow down the progress payments.
The stern of the first OPV.

The delay for the first OPV is between three to four months, and although the JV is trying to complete the launch by October, it will also depend on the timely delivery of principal materials. As you are all aware the pandemic are causing various issues and the OPV project may well be affected by the late deliveries of materials.
Aselsan SMASH 30mm RWS on the NGPC. The same gun will also be installed on the OPVs.

The OPV itself had received three coats of painting and the shaft alignment is nearing completion. The next two months will see the installation of the shafts, propellers and rudder installation. Most of the OPV machineries and equipment have also been installed with only the Aselsan 30mm RWS gun and communications equipment to be installed at a later date, likely after launch as these are sourced by the government.
A side view of the latest CGI of the MMEA OPV

Delivery is expected by February, 2021 – barring the delays of delivery of major equipment and the results of the sea trials. The other two OPVs are expected to be delivered -one after the other – within nine months of the delivery of the first OPV.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. “I had been wondering if Kinabalu was a royal town or not. ‘

    Don’t think so. Not sure whether it was ever a part of the Sulu Sultanate before.

  2. @ASM
    Yeah. Can’t find any info about Tok Bali royal town status as well which leads me to think the change happened even earlier from these ships hereon.

    I personally wouldn’t mind if they name subsequent boats after islets and shoals that we’re contesting (similar to naming of Dokdo).

    The NGPC names not connected with Royal towns only OPVs

  3. Oh I see. Sorry for the confusion. I had thought this was the practice for MMEA ships from KD Pekan onwards.

  4. Off topic

    6 new OPV for Vietnam Coast guard

    This will cost USD348 million with japan giving 30 year long loan that will only start after 10 years. Each ship costs USD58 million

    It will be 79m in length with the displacement of 4,000 tonnes.

    It looks similar to Philippines Coast Guard MRRV (2 units) also being built by japan. The MRRV costs USD66 million each

    This is how Japan sustain it shipbuilders, their industry, those involved in naval and security are also dependent on the government largesse.

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