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SHAH ALAM: What Goes Around. It has been widely reported today that an aide to the former Defence Minister has been arrested and remanded by the MACC into allegations of bribery over a maintenance contract worth some RM56 million. The aide was remanded for six days starting yesterday. PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim on his social media channel yesterday also claimed that a high ranking military officer was also detained by MACC.

The officer was detained earlier this week together with an owner of the company that got the maintenance contract, in mid-2019. It is unclear whether the duo were also remanded though I was told that the trio were arrested over the same contract. The contract was directly negotiated, the local media has reported.

TPS-77 Air Surveillance Radar – Transportable version of the FPS-117, the radar can be configured for C-130, C-17, truck, rail or helicopter transport. Used for illustration only

It must be noted that the aide was with the Defence Ministry when the MACC investigated the deals over the MD503G and Gempita spare parts contracts.

Of course, the authorities have yet to prove the allegations and the case could go nowhere like the ones mentioned above but the latest allegation is looking more noteworthy with the arrests of the high ranking officer and the company owner. AFAIK no high ranking military officers were detained to assist in investigations in the helicopter and spare parts deals.

Armstrong Marine 15 meter landing craft. Armstrong Marine. USed for illustration only

I am of the opinion that the MACC has the right to investigate any contract but as a rule once it is concluded, especially, when they could not proceed further, the companies should not be penalised for it.

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