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KUALA LUMPUR: KMW and Rheinmental of Germany this week unveiled two new tactical vehicle based on the country’s armed forces requirements. The AMPV (below) , if selected will be in service within 4 years time. Like the current thinking of tactical vehicles, the new German vehicle is designed with a V-shaped hull for better protection against mine and IEDs and the ability to carry with add-on armour available for higher level of protection. It will also be probably be equipped with a new hybrid electric/diesel engine for better fuel economy and power generation for all sorts of electronic gear.


The announcement coming so soon after our signing for the Spanish HUMVEE certainly made our procurement policy so amusing. Looks like only we and the Spanish Army will be using the Vamtac as even Portugal had returned the 20 vehicles they had used several years back.

And its most probable that the Spanish would also start using the AMPTV or the winning entry for the US JLTV (below, the BAE Systems entry) which is also slated to start replacing the AM General Humvee within four years. Leaving us as the only user of an obsolete vehicle apart from other third world countries isnt it?


About 15 years ago, when they decided to replace the Hyundai 4X4 (which procurement were shrouded in secrecy, someone told me they were given almost FOC when we bought the KIFVs) , they looked at several vehicles, including the US Humvee but in the end they opted for the more expensive, albiet capable G-Wagens. A wise buy maybe in terms of performance but not so if you calculate the high cost of initial ownership and long term cost.

Now when they wanted to replace the G-Wagens, they decided that the Vamtac, a less powerful Humvee and the least purchased variant as the best roption. Sounds like how they decided on the M4, doesnt it? Another success for Mahathirism?

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  1. It’s M4/C4ismlah. The Old Man has nothing to do with the VAMTAC. Fair dinkums……(Marhalim: Mahathir : The Man. Mahathirism is the policiies, laws, guidelines, methods,etc thought off, implemented, practiced and passed through parliament during the Old Man’s reign. The continuing tragedy at Kementah and Malaysia in general is the continuation of Mahathirism under the current, failing leadership. They would be wise to end the Mahathirism if they really want to stem the tide otherwise they will too be engulf in it.

  2. Marhalim,

    Wait a minute…you said the VAMTAC will replace the G-Wagens! Are you sure?

  3. Actually.I should have used the word “augment” but since you dont augment something with another thing, I decided to use replace instead. The Vamtac will replaced the G-wagens in units which are already equipped with them, like the PAC. The used G-Wagens will be then handed over to other units still using Defenders as their weapon carriers.

  4. It going to be expensive to run a heavy vehicle like the Vamtac. Malaysia does not need such a heavy, unarmored vehicle like Vamtac as unless they are thinking of operation is a war zone. Then a vehicle like this would be much capable to handling the extra weight due to armor plating. Then again, there are much better vehicles that can do the same job but it again depends on your mission requirements. The question should be – what is the mission requirement for the vehicles ?

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