DSA 2024 Contracts, Part 1

Roketsan Karaok - Black Arrow AT missile. Roketsan.

SHAH ALAM: On September 4, last year, Malaysian Defence had exclusively reported that the Roketsan Karaok anti-tank guided weapon-medium range (ATGW-MR) was selected to meet the requirements of the Army for such weapon.

The 18 Roketsan Karaok ATGW-MR system purchased will come with six missiles for each launcher. The package should also include one indoor simulator; three outdoor simulators; three cut-open missile that expose its components and test equipment. The only other known user of the Karaok is the Turkish Army.

Roketsan Karaok ATGW-MR with its CLU and specifications. Roketsan

Malaysian Defence had also followed this up on September 28 that the local company which won the tender was Ketech Asia Sdn Bhd with an LOA of RM44.55 million.

And on contracts day for DSA 2024, Ketech Asia representative took part in the public signing of the LOA. Although the Defence Ministry did not identify the ATGW-MR by its manufacturer name the release issued stated that

For the Malaysian Army, we will receive 18 units of
Anti-Tank Guided Weapon – Medium Range (ATGW-MR) from Tukiye. This asset
will be equipped the infantry battalion to increase the capability of fire power of the
Malaysian Army

The Karaok LOA is among the seventeen Letter of Acceptance (worthRM3.30 billion); seven contracts (RM1.90 billion) and four Letter of Intent (RM1.83 billion). One of the LOI is for the ISS of the Perdana Menteri class submarines which Malaysian Defence had reported previously. It is unclear why the ministry release stated that the LOI is worth RM1 billion and not RM43 million as announced by BHIC Bhd. Perhaps, the LOI also include the refit part of the submarine deal.

Meanwhile the contracts ceremony for the Home Ministry was also conducted at the same time as the one by defence. The contract for Home is worth RM2.166 billion, the bulk of which is for the police worth RM1.15 billion. The most interesting was the contract for the supply of two motherships awarded to Labuan Shipyard and Engineering. Unfortunately, the release did not say how much is the LOA for the tender.

A close up inspection of an AW189 helicopter, four of which has been procured for MMEA. KDN

The contract for the four AW189 for MMEA is listed at RM529 million, lower than the RM600 million amount announced previously.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. “Mothership program awarded to Labuan Shipyard Engineering”

    If my memory serves me right Labuan Shipyard Engineering was the company that offered RMN to built Lekiu-class frigate Batch 2 but then cancelled due to funding issues right?

  2. Rock – ” but then cancelled due to funding issues right?”

    Mainly but there were also issues with BAE Systems the RMN was not happy with. There’s also a reason why the Batch 2s were specified with a different CMS and trackers and is related to why we were not keen on the Nakkoda Ragams even if we had the cash. I always assumed we were but found out otherwise during a Raya gathering.

  3. RMN unhappiness with BAE System stemmed from the cancellation of Batch 2 which was announced by Najib citing budgetary constraints. It was not about money but due to the beneficial owner of LSE which was Realmild which in turn was Umno.

  4. From what I heard there was also certain lingering unhappiness; leftovers from the Lekiu saga; delivered very late and with certain issues which were never satisfactorily resolved.

  5. When a companys product briefing does not even have an actual picture but a simple 3D image…. its like trying to sell me a car but not showing the physical real car exist.

  6. The Turks have released actual pics before and at DSA had mock ups or actual inert rounds.

  7. They should had just ask for the almost brand spanking new spearhead classes instead of buying a brand new Roros though

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