Bersama Lima 2011 Photos

PETALING JAYA: The Australian Defence Department has downloaded pictures of the Super Hornets operating out of the Butterworth air base for the Exercise Bersama Lima 2011. The silence on our part is puzzling.

For more photos. Go here

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. Rahsia bro. We don’t want to be associated with the crusaders after they whacked the sheikh. I bet the Bug divers got to ride back seat and were all shiokkk.

  2. Nothing new. If it wasn’t for the photographers of the USN and RAAF, we would never have photos from CARAT and the FPDA.

    Yes but it needed to be said. USS Avenger was recently in Malaysia, last week to be exact, no news about it apart from an entry in the US Navy web site. I am guessing that the only thing about the Bersama Lima 2011 will be the closing ceremony on Friday or Saturday.

  3. I bet Boeing and the US Govt had been asking the Australians to bring down their SH to Malaysia for promotional sake. The Australian haven’t even received all of the SH and they are also in the midst of trying to set up a training center in Australia. Sending their Super Bugs out on a training in foreign country when they haven’t received full IOA is a bit weird…but it is not bad plan after-all.

    And also they might want to test their planes as soon as possible against a Flanker so as to find out whether or not it is up to the task.

  4. Doubt if 11SQ will be involved in Bersatu Lima.
    There also was not much in the local media about our engineers and medics who were at Cobra Gold.
    A few months ago the Kasturi and Kelantan did a passing exercise with the Carl Vinsion carrier group.

    As usual, one of the best photos of the Scorpene was released by the USN, NOT the RMN. Funny but in this photo the Scorpene looks rather large in comparison with the LA class which looks a bit small.

  5. in another website it only stated that the RMAF only contribute the F18D and Mig 29. No Su…

    Crikey! I think we need to cancel the barbie this weekend.

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