New Armed Forces Chief Next Month? 2011

PETALING JAYA: There is a small buzz on who will take the reign of the Armed Forces chief next month. The current chief, Tan Sri Azizan Ariffin is expected to retire by August and will be on his mandatory two months leave prior retirement next month.

By recent tradition, Army chief Jeneral Datok Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin is the obvious choice to be the country’s top soldier. Its a recent tradition as previously the Army being the most senior service and largest in terms of manpower had a strangle hold on the position.

That change of course when Jeneral Tan Sri Anwar Mohd Noor, made history in April 2005 when he became the first naval chief in the ATM to ascend to its highest military office. When Anwar became the Armed Forces Chief, his official title was suddenly known as the Chief of the Defence Force or Panglima Angkatan Pertahanan Malaysia instead of the more familiar Panglima Angkatan Tentera Malaysia. Note that the CDF is still known officially as the PAT in Malay.

Yes, I know, a gun powder called by another name will still smell as a gun powder but when Jen Aziz Zainal Abidin, an Army man replaced Anwar, his official English title reverted back to Armed Forces Chief instead of the CDF.

When Jen Azizan took over, he assumed the CDF title again following his non-Army pre-predecessor, Anwar. So what will be this time around, AFC or CDF?

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Marhalim, a couple of questions…

    1. Has there ever been an army Chief who’s regiment was not the RMR? Any from the Rangers?

    2. Are new recruits to the army allowed to apply for 10th Para or do they have to serve for a number of years in another regiment first?

    Throughout the 80’s the term ‘CDF’ was used. The term ‘Armed Forces Chief’ I think only entered usage in the early 90’s.

    No on both counts….

  2. In “title” obsessed Malaysia, I’m sure a lot of time will be wasted debating what to call the new chief. What’s more important is, will the new chief be an effective leader? Will the new chief mold the military into a better fighting force? What qualifications does Jeneral Datok Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin bring to the table? What is his educational and service background?

  3. i m more to see what contracts will be awarded to retired general as usual….. history never lie

  4. Not all Generals end up with a cushy directorships private companies or get top positions in Deftech or SME. It really depends on what positions they held whilst in the army and other factors. I personally know of 4 ex-generals who didn’t get anything – no contracts or directorships – except their pension…

    Marhalim, your ‘SAY NO TO AV8’ logo came out in Tempur.

    Yes some do not get any director posts, but they are always around whenever a company display their products or signed deals. Checks with SSM showed that they are also not mentioned but somehow they are there…

    In Tempur? In what context? Must call the editor and asked for a free gun training. Even the latest Perajurit ranted about the price of the AV8.

  5. well, i am sure tan sri aziz jaafar of rmn is qualified to be the next chief of the armed forces(caf) by virtue of the most senior among the 3 chiefs.he is highly qualified and the most decorated in the armed forces. the role of rmn today especially gulf of eden incident required more focus from the rmn to addressed this problem beside the ongoing dispute of the spratlys island from neighbouring countries.

  6. Do we really need a CDF?
    What rubbish when his job is just warming up his balls.
    The retiring Big Chief! aha ask him what is new? eelekk….

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