Tigers In Malaysia

Australian Army Airbus Tiger ARH flies over Shah Alam on April 22, 2019. Malaysian Defence

SHAH ALAM: Tigers in Malaysia. Four Australian Army Airbus Tiger ARH helicopters are in country, says ADF in Malaysia Twitter feed. The Tigers were flown to Subang airbase on Friday on board two Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) C-17 transporters.

According to the ADF Twitter this was the first overseas deployment of the Tiger ARH. On Easter, the same page highlighted the arrival of three Royal Australian Navy ships to Malaysia. The ships are LHD HMAS Canberra, oiler ship HMAS Success and frigate HMAS Newcastle.

An Australian Army Airbus Tiger ARH at Subang airbase. ADF in Malaysia.

The Tigers flew to Port Klang this morning and landed on the Canberra. The Canberra and the other ships are part of the Indo Pacific Endeavour 2019 task force which previously visited India and Sri Lanka.

The four Airbus Tiger ARH on board HMAS Canberra. ADF

The task force are scheduled to visit Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam after Malaysia.

Three RAN ships in Malaysia, HMAS Canberra, HMAS Success and HMAS Newcastle

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong together with the Armed Forces Joint Force Command brass, visited the ship shortly after its arrival at the Boustead cruise centre at Port Klang on Sunday. They were given a briefing on the ship and likely the tasking of the task force.

Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong visiting HMAS Canberra on Sunday.ADF in Malaysia

Apart from the Tigers, the Canberra also has at least two MRH-90 Taipan medium lift helicopters on board.

Australian Army Airbus Tiger ARH flies over Shah Alam on April 22, 2019

Australian Army soldiers embarked on the Canberra are scheduled to conduct training with the 10th Para Brigade at their camp in Malacca. An Australian Army brass band embarked on the Canberra is schedule to hold a special performance with the Royal Malay Regiment Central Brass band at a school in Kuala Lumpur this week.

— Malaysian Defence

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  1. i do hope nobody eyeing LHD HMAS Canberra for our need…

    apart from that,its good to see friend nation visit here…

  2. No ANZAC Day related open day for the public?

    Nope, only reception for invited guests

  3. I see. How regretful considering this year is the 100th anniversary of the end for WW1.

  4. @…

    Like I said before dude,actually Indonesian know that we are good from them in a lot of matters including in military but they shame to admit that.

  5. @…
    At least their propaganda values the worth of having an A400M instead of whacking it as a flying white elephant. Their media might be one-sided and jingoistic but they spin it so their readers are made to want such hardware. In turn, this puts pressure on their politicians that urges caution in defence procurement. That helps to drive their military spending with less negative scrutiny.

    Positive or negative comparative to our own situation? Everyone can make their own judgement.

  6. @ joe

    Yes for them it is positive, but this is also due to their high nationalistic pride.

    A400M to be used by indonesia to bring petrol and basic commodities to remote areas. Yes probably they need it for that mission.

    Our situation? Is it worth it to forgo more arguably important platforms such as MPA and AWACS for the A400M? Probably not. But as we already have the A400M, additional units would be useful to enhance the mobility of our 10 PARA. So whats next for TUDM? Hope there is a clear priority for TUDM in the upcoming defence white paper. IMO it should be anything that can improve our situational awareness, and that means MPA, AWACS, UAV, EW platforms.

    @ marhalim

    BTW any chance of interviews with the Tiger crew? Are they satisfied with the helicopter? Why are they retiring them in early 2020s?

    I am not even invited to the reception. Anyhow no one there is high ranking enough to say why they retiring them at least by 2024 as Airbus ISS contract was extended to that time.

  7. Will they send any chopper to Melaka for the training with the 10th para brigade?

    AFAIK, no

  8. @…
    Indonesia is primarily an island archipelago, so it would make more logistical sense to transport petrol and commodities to remote areas via ships like MRSS then thru logging routes. Or at least via C-130s with its need of shorter runways. An A400M necessary for such deliveries when there is no crisis? Pure propaganda.

  9. I am more worried that a country like Myanmar which is “considered less developed” can amass a plethora of Mig 29’s along with the JF-17’s and the upcoming SU-30 SME’s as their most recent purchases.

    What is wrong with our country?!

  10. @ joe

    What you dont know does not mean it is not real.

    There are plenty of remote areas in Papua that has no access but by air. How do you sail ships to mountain tops?

    Right now they are using Air Tractor to fly in fuel to remote villages in Papua.




  11. Well they can use C-130. But like what we like to say nowadays… Boleh pakai A400 buat apa pakai Herky? LoL!

    As previous Pelita Hercs, if they buy them, it will eventually be absorbed into TNI-AU.

  12. @…
    I would be very interested to know which mountain tops have runways the length and quality needed for A400Ms as compared to the more manageable ones for C-130.

    Don’t just assume.

  13. @ joe

    Both C-130 and A-400M can land in around the same distance (700-900m) depending on runway height above sea level.

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