Tenth Anniversary Of EC725/H225M

RMAF chief TS General Asghar Khan receiving the award from Airbus Asia Pacific Helicopters Head Vincent Dubrule. Airbus

Langkawi: Airbus Helicopters held a ceremony at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) to commemorate the 10 years of operations of the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s H225M fleet on May 23 . The air force remains the world’s highest H225M military flyer.

The Royal Malaysian Air Force’s fleet of 12 H225M helicopters has been in service since 2012. Designed for the most demanding missions, these H225Ms have participated in various exercises and humanitarian missions, including flood rescue and lifesaving operations. Together, they have achieved over 30,000 flight hours.

The event was attended by the Chief of Air Force TS Mohd Asghar Khan
Goriman Khan, accompanied by Lt Kol Paranjothi Manogharan. Airbus Helicopters Head of Asia-Pacific, Vincent Dubrule presented the Chief of Air Force with the award to commemorate this milestone.

A combat-proven multi-purpose and versatile asset, the H225M enables military forces to deploy wherever and whenever needed. Currently, about 160 H225Ms are in service across the world. Besides Malaysia, the H225M is relied upon by Brazil, France, Indonesia, Mexico, Kuwait, Singapore and Thailand to support their most demanding missions.

–Malaysian Defence

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  1. Even with a small fleet, RMAF remains the highest fleet hour for both EC725 and A400M aircrafts.

    The fleet could benefit from adding a few more used EC225 from MHS Aviation fleet, and probably 2 more used A400M from Spanish stocks (enabling them to fulfil their original buy commitment by replacing those sold to RMAF with new ones)

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