Sabah Radars, An Update

KUALA LUMPUR: The story below updated our earlier discussion on the Sabah radars. It appears that the first radar transmitter andn its C2 unit is operational. Although the radar system was donated by the US government, the MINDEF is providing the funds for the extra equipment needed.

The Bernama story reported that the army was getting combat boats for the mission. I wonder whether the “combat boats” or bot tempur in Malay are the rigid hull inflatable boat that had been tendered by MINDEF, at least twice last year.

The joint force unit could also call upon the navy to provide them with extra firepower with CB90 combat boats and whatever corvette or patrol vessel stationed on the Sabah east coast on ad hoc basis. The air force and the coast guard is also expected to be involved in the operation but lets hope the economic crisis does not affect any of this. If we can spent more than RM14 million thousand of miles away from home, funds must be available to conduct operations on our own backyard!

–Malaysian Defence

Combat Boats For Army Joint Force

TAWAU, Feb 20 (Bernama) — The Army Joint Force 2 (ATB 2), charged with safeguarding waters off the Sabah east coast, will receive combat boats and support equipments to upgrade firepower and enhance its defence system.

ATB Commander Lt Gen Datuk Allatif Mohd Noor said the boats and equipments were part of the programme to install the radar surveillance system Initiative 1206,” he said after launching the radar monitoring system at Bukit Tinagat near here today.

The radar surveillance system Initiative 1206 is the first of nine promised by the Army to the Sabah government.

“Eight more will be installed in stages at specific locations, including islands, by December next year,” he said.

The radar surveillance system Initiative 1206 was handed over by the United States government to Malaysia to enhance the capabilities of its armed forces in protecting the country’s sovereignty and security.

Allatif said the radar system was specially designed to conduct surveillance off the Sabah east coast from Kudat until Tawau.

“The radar operated by ATB2 based at Kukusan Camp near here can detect from as far as 70 kilometre. When fully operational, it will allow security forces to act faster and more efficently,” he said.


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  1. Why is the Army doing this? Surely the Navy, MMEA or the marine Police should be doing this and not a bunch of landlubbers.

    It’s not going to end well.

    Marhalim: I am guessing that its because the Army has the largest number of personnel stationed in Sabah compared to the other services…

  2. Bernama report was wrong, it is Joint Force (Angkatan Tentera Bersama) of MAF, not army. ATB2 or JTF2 in English is a tri-service command running ops in East Malaysia. Mistake probably happen because Lt-General Allatif is an army general though his position is a tri-service post. Don’t literally believe everything written locally as many reporters get things wrong.

    Marhalim: Thanks for the clarification, Dzirhan. You know I want to this full time but at the moment, I cannot afford it…

  3. Dear Marhalim

    Markas Angkatn Bersama is under the Markas ATM. Memang Joint Forces tapi assigned units by the three services. What is interesting is that the army is manning the radar station. Dalam Army tidak ada vocation or trade as radar plotter. Takat tengok screen radar apalah gunanya.. Nak differentiate small boat, big boat, AIS, cakap inggeris ho banyak susah….

  4. I thought it would be JTF but why is a Army general heading it? Unless he is a brown/green water warfare specialist and wrote his command college dissertation on Market Time, he is compeletely out of his depth.

    shshf….ada….GAPU. But usually looking at air tracks.

    Marhalim: Lt Jen Allatif is the Joint Force Commander, so he command the JTF 2 and others as well as well as the point man, god forbid, if we ever go to war. As whether or not he is up to the job, I have no comment…..

  5. last comment Feb 2009. pastu tada…….. mana g,
    skrg pun dan panglima baru

    Jadi apa yang berlaku disana?

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