2010 Budget

KUALA LUMPUR: AS usual its the defence and security sector got the stick whenever the economy goes bad. Based on my cursory reading of the Economic Report its the only Main sector of the government that had its budget reduced. Oh, well…

Management Budget for 2010, which pays for maintainaince and spares; operations and emoluments.

RM16.233 billion (last year was RM18.232 billion). From the amount, defence got RM9.101 billion (2009: RM10.651 B) while Internal Security got RM7.132 billion (2009: RM7.851)

Development Budget 2010. Cash for the good followers!

RM3.728 billion (2009: RM4.547B). Defence got RM2.581 billion (2009: RMRM3.028) and Internal Security got RM1.146 B (2009: RM1.519). However as outlined in the speech below, the allocation for MINDEF gets smaller. Its getting only RM1.9 billion, PDRM got RM1 billion while the MMEA got RM622 million.

This is what Dear PM said in his speech about security.
RMM3.7 Billion To Enhance Security
KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 23 (Bernama) — A total of RM3.7 billion will be provided to increase the efficiency of the security force, including providing modern and sophisticated equipment.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said RM1 billion would be provided to further improve the services of the police next year to achieve the government’s objective of reducing crime, which is one of the National Key Results Area.

“The government targets to reduce the crime index by 5 per cent, including reducing street crimes, such as snatch thefts and robberies by 20 per cent by the end of 2010,” he said when tabling the 2010 Budget in parliament Friday.

He said that among the measures taken was to provide mobile police stations in 50 crime hot spots.

The government would also train and enhance the efficiency of 3,000 members of the Rela voluntary corps and Civil Defence Department to conduct joint patrol with the police.

Najib said the security of the nation’s borders would be given serious attention by providing RM1.9 billion to the armed forces for equipment as well as to build and upgrade sentry posts.

In addition, he said, RM600 million would be allocated to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency to ensure that the national waters were free from smuggling activities, encroachment and pirate threats.


–Malaysian Defence

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