More Reading Materials for the Defence Minister and MINDEF

KUALA LUMPUR: There are two accident reports being prepared by the air force and the navy at the moment. The air force report is on the crash of the fatal PC-7 MKII while the navy’s report is of course due to the fire that destroyed the Sri Inderapura.

I am hoping for the best for both reports but from past experience I am not expecting that much. I just hope that the powers that be will then used the two reports as the basis for a more in-depth investigations into both incidents as done by the UK MOD following the mid-air explosion of a Nimrod over Afghanistan in 2006.

The Nimrod Independent Review was headed by a Queens Council and was made public after it was presented

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Shah Alam


  1. Marhalim,

    I wish you could do more to higlight the many issues faced by Army, like force structure, doctrine, training, weapon systems, equipment and welfare.

    You have said a lot about the RMN and RMAF but very little on the Army. The Army boys need people like you and readers to highlight their problems to the public.

    Thank you.

    Marhalim: Will try…

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