2010 Auditor General’s Report

PETALING JAYA: The Auditor General released his 2010 annual report yesterday and in my opinion, the Ministry of Defence got away lightly.

Since the report is in the PDF format, I am unable to post them directly here although readers can download the whole report here.

In the synopsis of the report, the Auditor General mentioned three issues in the Defence Ministry which they investigated. First the poor maintenance of Aviation Ground Support Vehicle by the RMAF; the poor management of the Territorial Army and the unsatisfactory progress and planning for the construction of an Army camp in Sarawak.

Poor progress and planning of camp construction project seemed to be the norm when it comes to the Defence Ministry. The same thing is reported on annual basis by the Auditor General. It seemed no one has learned from past mistakes. Have they not heard of the Transit and Tebrau camps fiascos? Or simply since this is another build and transfer project, everyone looked the other way as the contractor make a killing?

As for the Terriers, the report noted that TA units had poor attendance together with limited and obsolete facilities. With the Defence Minister calling for the 500,000 strong TA members within the next few years we wonder whether “less is more?”

And as for poor serviceability of AGSV with RMAF units, its simply a reflection of the bigger problems in the air force.

So what do you think?

–Malaysian Defence

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