Tender of HK416

KUALA LUMPUR: I found this tender advertised at the Mindef website today.

1 KP(PERO 1)B/T 141/2008 2 Jun 2009 60.00 Membekal, Menghantar, Menguji dan Mentauliah Senjata HK416 (Maritinie Assault Rifle) Untuk Kerajaan Malaysia

(Kod Bidang: 170101 atau 170199)

While Malaysian Defence understand the merit of the Hk416 over the M4 (note the spelling mistake is Mindef’s doing) but I wonder whether there is a need to float a tender for the purchase of a single type of the assault rifle. Why dont Mindef just buy it direct from H&K?


The explaination is simple of course, note the Kod Bidang: 170101 atau 170199, which meant only local companies with the correct Finance Ministry registration will be be able to compete in the tender. What does it mean? It simply means that HK has several local agents who got the appropriate registration code to bid for the tender. One agent who let his license lapsed several years ago might not be able to bid although stranger things had happened. Will they select the one with the lowest quote? Your guess is as good as mine.

The Maritime Assault Rifle designation probably mean that the guns, when purchased will be deployed by Paskau, GGK and Paskal and other units working near seas or lakes. This also probably meant that Mindef knows that M4s are not good enough for use around water which is basically the normal condition in Malaysian tropical weather. What this means for future M4 purchase is beyond me, but its a good subject for future debates!

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